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Breaking News You Can Use Get REAL news and important alerts without all the fluff. Stay up to date with the best independent news from around the web. Our focus is on breaking U.S. based news that is important for the preparedness and survival related community. Jump To… Top News | Drudge Report | Drudge […]

10 Items A Good Prepper Always Saves And Why

items to keep

Supplies run out. That’s a fact. When a disaster strikes or the SHTF your stockpile will always feel mighty small. In the real work you will have to make the most of what you have, but when life turns into every many for himself and looters running the streets you probably won’t be able to make those supply runs with Daryl Dixon. What will […]

Survival Boot Laces – Easy Everyday Carry Gear That’s Practically Invisible


Survival boot laces are an ingenious piece of gear that you can carry everywhere and no one will notice. One of the best brands, simply called Survival Laces, have several hidden capabilities. The laces are made with 550 paracord with the standard 7 strands of nylon and one strand of fishline (8 lb. test) in the core. The […] © 2015
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