Ammunition Acronyms

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Below is a list of common acronyms associated with modern firearm ammunition.

Modern Ammunition Acronyms:

+P          Higher powder charge than normal, 10-15% overpressure
+P+         Significantly higher powder charge than normal, 20-25% overpressure
ACP         Auto Colt Pistol
A-MAX       Polymer tipped long range target bullet - Hornady
AP          Armor Piercing
API         Armor Piercing Incendiary
APT         Armor Piercing Tracer
APTI        Armor Piercing Tracer Incendiary
AT-BT       AccuTip Boat Tail - Remington
BBWC        Bevel Base Wad Cutter
BEB         Brass Enclosed Base
BJHP        Brass Jacketed Hollow Point
BP          Bronze Point
BT          Boat Tail
BTBT        Ballistic Tip BoatTail by Nosler
BTHP        Boat Tail Hollow Point
BTM         Boat Tail Match
BTSP        Boat Tail Soft Point
CB          Cast Bullet
CL          Core-Lokt - Remington
CLU         Core-Lokt Ultra by Remington
CMJ         Complete Metal Jacket
CNL         Conical Nose Lead
CP          Cone Point
EFMJ        Expanding Full Metal Jacket - Federal
EP          Expanding Point
FEB         Fully Encased Bullet
FMC         Full Metal Case
FMJ         Full Metal Jacket
FN          Flat Nose
FNEB        Flat Nose Enclosed Base
FNSP        Flat Nose Soft Point
FP          Flat Point
FS          Partition bullet (lead cores wrapped in steel bands) - Winchester
FST         Fail Safe Talon
GAP         Glock Auto Pistol
GC          Gas Check
GD          Gold Dot - Speer
GDHP        Gold Dot Hollow Point
GS          Golden Saber - Remington
GS          Grand Slam - CCI
HBWC        Hollow Base Wad Cutter
HC          Hard Cast
HE          High Energy
HM          Heavy Magnum
HMR         Hornady Magnum Rimfire
HP          Hollow Point
HPBT        Hollow Point Boat Tail
HPJ         High Performance Jacketed
HPWC        Hollow Point Wad Cutter
HS          Hydra Shok - Federal
HS          Hi Shok - Federal
HS2         Hi Shok 2 - Federal
HSP         Hollow Soft Point
I           Interlock - Hornady
IB          Interbond - Hornady
IRT         Indoor Range Training - Federal
J           Jacketed
JFP         Jacketed Flat Point
JHC         Jacketed Hollow Cavity
JHP         Jacketed Hollow Point
JHPBT       Jacketed Hollow Point Boat Tail
JSP         Jacketed Soft Point
JSPF        Jacketed Soft Point Flat
JSZ         Jacketed Stranded Zinc - Federal
LBT         Lead Bullet Technology
LF          Lead Free
LFN         Long Flat Nose
LFN         Lead Flat Nose
LFP         Lead Flat Point
LGC         Lead Gas Check
LHP         Lead Hollow Point
LM          Light Magnum
LRN         Lead Round Nose
LTC         Lead Truncated Cone
LWC         Lead Wad Cutter
MB          Multi Ball / Shot
MC          Metal Cased
MJ          Metal Jacket
MK-BTHP     MatchKing Boat Tail Hollow Point - Remington
MON         Monolithic Solid
MRWC        Mid-Range Wadcutter
MR-X        Improved Triple-Shock - Barnes
NBT         Nosler Ballistic Tip
NOS         Nosler
NOSBT       Nosler Ballistic Tip
NP          Nosler Partition
P           Plated
PB          Parabellum
PG          Partition Gold - Winchester
PL          Power-Lokt
PP          Power Point
PSP         Pointed Soft Point
PSPCL       Pointed Soft Point Core-Lokt - Remington
RN          Round Nose
RNFP        Round Nose Flat Point
RNL         Round Nosed Lead
RNSP        Round Nose Soft Point
RHT         Reduced Hazard Training - Federal/CCI/Speer
SBBT        Soft Point Boat Tail
SCHP        Solid Copper Hollow Point
SFHP        Starfire Hollow Point - PMC
SHP         Speer Hollow Point
SJ          Semi Jacketed, also Short Jacket - Hornady
SJHP        Semi Jacketed Hollow Point
SJHP        Soft Jacket Hollow Point
SJSP        Soft Jacket Soft Point
SLAP        Saboted Light Armor Penetrating
SOL         Solid
SP          Soft Point
SP          Spire Point
SP          Spotter-Tracer - Military
SPSX        Spire Point Super Explosive - Hornady
SPTZ        Spitzer
SSB         Swift Scirocco Bonded - Remington
SSP         Single-Shot Pistol - Hornady
SST         Super Shock Tip - Hornady
ST          Silver Tip HP - Winchester
STHP        SilverTip Hollow Point - Winchester
Sub         Subsonic
SWC         Semi Wad Cutter
SX          Super Explosive
SXT         Supreme Expansion Technology - Winchester
TAP         Tactical Ammunition Police - Hornady
TB          Trophy Bonded
TBS         Trophy Bonded Solid
TC          Truncated Cone
TCMJ        Truncated Cone Metal Jacket
TCSP        Truncated Cone Soft Point
THP         Tubular Hollow Point
TMJ         Total Metal Jacket
TRI         Triad Group - A Square
TRU         Tactical Rifle Urban - Federal
TS          Triple-Shock - Barnes
UHC         Ultra High Coefficient - Hornady
VLD         Very Low Drag
V-MAX       V-Max Polymer Tip Varmint Hunting Bullet - Hornady
V-MAX       BTV-Max Boat Tail - Hornady
WLN         Wide Long Nose - LBT design
WMR         Winchester Magnum Rimfire
WSM         Winchester Short Magnum
WSSM        Winchester Super Short Magnum
XP3         FS without the steel bands - Winchester
XTP         Extreme Terminal Performance - Hornady

Basic Survival Acronyms

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For those new to survival all the acronyms can be hard to wade through so I thought I would post a short list of common acronyms that you find on many popular survival related sites, including this one. Let’s get started!

Survival AcronymsEDCEvery Day Carry.  The items you carry with you on an every day basis. These are things like flashlights, survival kits, firearms, and even full Bug Out Bags.

BOB: Bug Out Bag. Your main survival kit. There should be enough supplies to last 3 days, or 72 hours, whichever comes first :) .

GHB: Get Home Bag. A small kit designed to get you home, back to your BOB. This should include minimal supplies, it’s only use is to give you just enough survival items to enable you to make it back to your longer term preps, roughly 12-24 hours worth. It may go hand in hand with your EDC.

INCH: I’m Never Coming Home kit. This is it, the BIG one, the big daddy kit. Most INCH kits include a little bit of everything. This kit is designed to enable you to start life over at your BOL (or elsewhere) should you have to evac and never look back. You must give consideration to the weight of your INCH kit, since most likely it will be everything you have, and you may have to carry it several miles.

BOV: Bug Out Vehicle.  Your method of transportation for bugging out, usually from home to your BOL or maybe to the ends of the earth. No minivans allowed.

BOL: Bug Out Location. Your main survival location. This is where you go when your home is no longer safe and must be evacuated. Plans must also be made in case your primary BOL is inaccessible or becomes compromised. Having a backup BOL and even a third is a smart idea indeed!