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Why Advertise With Us

Advertising with us is affordable and worthwhile…

  1. Our rates are super low compared to other sites in the the niche.
  2. Our ad positions are static. You don’t share your ad space in a rotation with 50 others, only YOUR ad will be loaded.
  3. We are exclusive and only allow advertisers related to our niche.

Keep reading below for our rates and the many different kinds of advertising we offer.

Our process is simple…

  1. Contact Us with your request and any questions you might have
  2. We email you back
  3. You send us any necessary files (the ad image, link, article, etc)
  4. We approve your submission, send a PayPal link, and prep the content

Once payment is received your ad(s) will go live.

Our Stats (Updated For 2018)

* gets over 4.2 million page views a year and is growing.

* 85% of our traffic comes from the United States and the rest is mostly from Canada, England, Germany, and parts of Europe (in that order).

* Over 70% of our traffic is the most desirable kind, organic search keywords. These are people looking for information before making a purchase and to learn new things.

* We have dozens and dozens of extremely popular viral articles that have brought in steady streams of traffic every single day for years.

* Our articles have hundreds of thousands of shares, pins, likes, and tweets on social media (Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and more).

* We are featured on Bob Vila, The Official Tea Party, Zero Hedge, Bearing Arms, Survival Pulse, Prepper Website, SHTF Preparedness, Urban Survival Site, and many many more (see our sidebar for a small few, but certainly not all).

* Our site is saved, bookmarked, and favorited thousands of times every month.

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Display Advertising

These are image ads that display in various positions around our site.

We have a very limited amount of display advertisement slots available and we don’t rotate ads on page load, your ad will be featured in that slot every time for every user.

336×300 max size, smaller is fine.


This is our best ad slot. Your ad will be embedded in the top left of every post before the first paragraph. Only one advertiser at a time can hold this slot.


1 Week

2 Weeks

4 Weeks





ON THE SIDEBAR 336×300 max size, smaller is fine.


Your ad will be in the right sidebar on every post and page. Position is first come first serve starting at the top and going down.


1 Week

2 Weeks

4 Weeks





336×300 max size, smaller is fine.


Your ad will be just before the copyright and footer menu on every post and page. Position is first come first serve starting at the left and going right.


1 Week

2 Weeks

4 Weeks





336×300 max size, smaller is fine.

Embedded available
Sidebar available

Your ad will be in all available slots. If an ad slot is not available a discount will be given and reflected in the prices below.


1 Week⁣

2 Weeks

4 Weeks





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Sponsored Articles

Get your product, book, or service featured in a permanently published article and promoted to our fans on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for a lifetime of sharing and interlinking with the rest of our posts.

Your search engine optimized article will be up to 5,000 words and is available for any physical or digital product, books and ebooks, or services related to our niche.

Your article will be in our featured article slider and on the homepage and included in our social marketing. If your article is popular it might get featured in one of our ppc ad campaigns too.

All sponsored articles come with our social marketing package for free. This lets your article hit the ground running and increases your chances of going viral.

Your sponsored article will be shared multiple times on our official social accounts over the course of several days. After the initial boost they are forever placed in our active social marketing rotation and shared naturally just like all our other posts.

Important Notes (read carefully):

  • We do not accept sponsored articles for information-only websites, such as blogs. You must have an actual product, book, service, etc that can actually be reviewed.
  • For honestly to our readers, the article will display a simple and minimalistic sponsored ad disclaimer at the beginning and/or end of the article.
  • All sponsored articles are published permanently (we’ve never removed one), but if some strange circumstances comes about we do reserve the right to edit or remove it as necessary.
  • Your product or service must be something related to our niche. We do not accept conspiracy theory, questionable technology (i.e. free energy), new age, ufo, fear mongering, political, or racist products or articles.
  • You can only link to your own product/site or supporting information.

Need more than 5 products reviewed in a single article or want more than one article at a time? Please contact us for a custom quote!




1 article
1 product
Up to 5,000 words
SEO optimized
 Free social marketing included

 1 article
Up to 5 products
Up to 5,000 words
SEO optimized
 Free social marketing included








This is a one time fee for permanent placement and social marketing

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Social Advertising

Get your message seen multiple times by our fans on Twitter and Facebook.

We can share your posts, or create new posts, or you can give us copy to use. We can include hashtags, non-affiliate links, and images.

Posts are spread out over multiple days to get you the maximum attention possible. We usually tweet the ad once a day (with variation) and post it to our Facebook page twice per week.

To keep ad nauseam to a minimum we require a one week break between packages – i.e., if you purchase two weeks worth of ads we deliver ads the first week, take a break the second week, and then deliver your ads again on the third week.

If you have special needs, like a product launch or Kickstarter campaign, just ask and we can time our posts to meet your needs.




1 Week

2 Weeks



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Build Your Own Custom Campaign

You can easily combine any of the above into a custom mix tailored to your exact needs or we can come up with something unique for you.

Just Contact Us and let us know what you have in mind for a custom quote.

Our Email Newsletter

Sorry, we do not currently allow any third party advertisers on our email list. We have this question asked a lot and it’s something we don’t believe in doing so there are no exceptions.

Ready To Advertise With Us? Contact Us Today!

If you’re ready to advertise with us please Contact Us with your:

  • ad request type (display ad, sponsored article, or social marketing)
  • your deadline, if any
  • A little about your product or website

We will review your information and be in touch shortly.

If you would like to know more or have any questions please Contact Us. We’re flexible and work to meet your needs.

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