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Article Submission Policy

 What You Agree

By submitting anything to BeSurvival you agree that –

a. You own copyright to it or that you have the right to publish it.

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c. That you give us full permission to use whatever you submit.

d. You will not go back and edit, rewrite, or otherwise purposefully change your posts after they are published except to correct minor errors, formatting, or bad links and embeds. This includes adding (affiliate, paid, promotion, etc) links or changing the images or wording for the purpose of misleading users, self-promotion, or spamming.

e. You will not submit articles, images, links, or other content that is considered “SPAM” – such as product reviews with affiliate links, spun articles, article with self-promotion paragraphs and/or promotion links, etc. Such content will be edited or removed.

f. You will not flood our servers with uploads, upload anything unrelated to your submissions, or use our servers to host images or videos for use elsewhere.

 What You Should Do

Make sure you own it and it is unique –

Content you submit must be your own work.

Your submissions must pass CopyScape and Plagiarism Checker or they will not be published.

Make sure we can publish and promote it –

By submitting anything to you pass to us certain rights to that content. This includes the rights to publish, share, show, use, edit, delete, promote, and protect it as we deem necessary.

Content submitted to us cannot be in use on any other digital or traditional source and you cannot use the written content on another digital or traditional source after submitting it to us.

Make sure you have read everything –

By submitting articles to you agree to all of these terms, our Terms of Service, our Disclaimer, and our Privacy Policy and understand that your work(s) will be subject to these terms as well. These policies (including this one) may change without notice.

Article Uniqueness & Usage

Articles you submit must be your own work and unique to, they cannot be on another website, ebook, or other digital or traditional source. You cannot use the article anywhere else after submitting it to us.

It is Not OK
…to copy and paste someone else’s article word for word.
…to copy and paste your own article from somewhere else and use it here.
…to copy and paste paragraphs from other articles word for word.
…to copy and paste parts from articles published on BeSurvival.
…to use an ‘article spinner’ or other ways to automatically generate content.
…to use any article published on BeSurvival on another website. © 2017