Stuck in a Snowstorm

Stuck in a Snowstorm in Illinois: What Happened?

The weather has rocked the nation in recent years with winter storms to go in the history books. Little did we know we’d be stuck in a snowstorm.

It has been an experience that my family will not forget. The whole experience started a few winters back with the ready predictions of a blizzard that would break the record.

The Start of The Day

My family and I live in Galesburg, Illinois, which is roughly 200 miles away from Chicago and St. Louis. We were watching the news one morning. There was an abundance of snow in the forecast.

The newscasters in Oklahoma could barely stand because of the strong winds. There were many states affected by this winter storm.It was even given nicknames like The Beast and Snowmageddon.

I got ready for work at nine in the morning. I was planning where to go in case I couldn’t get home because of the weather.

Working in a pharmacy meant I was very busy all day on Tuesday and Wednesday. Everyone felt the rush to get in and get their medications before the snow hit.

I was very surprised to see so many people out, especially when it started to snow hard.

As if the snow was not enough, the wind picked up to around 30 miles per hour which many visible almost impossible.

The combination of wind and snow forced the crowds out of the pharmacy early in the afternoon. The doctor’s office followed suit by also closing early.

My work started to let people go home early based on the distance they lived away from the store. They wanted to make sure everyone was safe.

It was incredible that these people made it to work this morning. We had a huge storm posing an imminent threat.

However, we know that the people of the Galesburg need their medication. So we had to come in for at least a short while.

The last of the employees located farthest from the pharmacy where gone. I finally left to try to endure the windy snow to get across town to my house.

I thought I would have to survive a winter storm on my own. Fortunately, my mother-in-law was able to power through the blizzard and pick me up.

Stuck in a Snowstorm

Right after I clocked out, my mother-in-law came to get me. She has a bigger car than I do, so it’s more likely to withstand the weather.

However, we only made it a few blocks. We could tell that we were not getting home. The wind was blowing the snow around so fast that we could barely see a block ahead of ourselves.

When turning into her house the car was stuck. This meant having to back out and trying again. We had to leave the car at the end of the driveway.

A few hours later, things settled down slightly. My brother-in-law and myself began to dig the car out of the snow.

But the weather was still too dangerous to drive in. So, for everyone’s safety, we made a decision. I was spending the night at the in-laws away from my wife and children. There was just no leaving.

The Following Morning

Still stuck at the in-laws, the snowstorm still raged on. My brother-in-law, a neighbor, and myself kept trying to dig the car out of the driveway. It is a 50 foot drive with a dip that is now full of a 5 foot snow hill.

The amount of wind and lack of places to put snow made this a very tedious task.

Some nearby communities have had similar experiences with dreaded winter snowstorms themselves.

A neighbor was continuously shoveling his driveway in case his wife went into labor. She was nine months pregnant.

After we realized we weren’t getting anywhere, we assisted him. They both greatly appreciated as she had contractions while we were there. However, she didn’t go into labor.

My wife and I were not the only couple that was apart for the blizzard. Another Galesburg resident had to spend the night away from his home. He opted to stay with family that was centrally located near work.

Many people experienced various unfortunate circumstances. The blizzard left many families apart or trying to battle with the snowstorm the best they could.

At the end of the day, I’m fortunate that I made it back safely with my family.

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