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The Get Prepped Web Series Is An Uncommon Take On Preppers

Get Prepped is a comedy web series that revolves around four characters – strangers until they decide to build a bunker to survive the coming doomsday.

The prepper world has occasionally been presented on reality tv and so called documentaries such as Doomsday Preppers, but these shows usually fail to keep true to reality in the details. Plus they really don’t attract a broad audience to the prepper cause.

Prepping is a serious responsibility too. Plans, lists, budgets, life or death decision…. It can be a lot to take in, especially for a beginner. Because of that, trying to introduce the concept or reasons to prepare to someone who’s never even thought about it before can be difficult and overwhelming.

Sometimes we just need to lighten it up a bit.

Get Prepped

A new six part web series aims to appeal to a broader and younger audience without the controversy of what is real or not by featuring preppers in a lighthearted tongue in cheek comedy that pokes fun at societal tropes.

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Get Prepped is a comedy web series that deals with the different ideologies and oddball personalities of four strangers who have decided to come together and prepare for the end of the world.

The series follows Aaron, Sadie, Jasper and Helen as they gather preps and plan to build a fallout shelter after the doomsday clock resets to 1 minute till midnight, the closest it has ever been.

This six part web series explores the stories of average, yet slightly oddball people who are getting ready to survive the coming end of the world. Sadly, these four strangers are utterly mismatched and quite possibly the world’s worst bunker buddies.

Each episode follows them along as they acquire new skills and prepare by learning to shoot, planning their bunker, testing their survival skills, and purchasing supplies… all while struggling to overcome their own delusions, and feeding the petty rivalries between them.

Yet, with all the bickering going on they fail to notice the genuine threats to their survival simmering in the background the whole time. When the sh*t really does start hitting the fan, these preppers find themselves in a pickle….

If they can ever figure out how to survive their personality flaws and petty differences they just might survive the apocalypse.

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The filmmakers who made Get Prepped – Nathan March, Stuart Sturgess, and Annalouise Sortini – have won awards for other documentaries and short films. In a line that echos reality, producer Stuart Sturgess, says, “These characters should be more prepared for catastrophic events than most, but they discover that the problem with working with other preppers is other preppers”.

In the end, it’s a play on small group dynamics, personality clashes and competing world-views in a tongue-in-cheek lighthearted sort of way.

Get Prepped launched on February 4 and all six episodes are on YouTube.

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