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The Prepper Website Podcast Offers A New Spin To The Podcast World

The Prepper Website launches their own podcast, and it has an interesting twist…

As technology continues to allow the free movement of information, one such avenue of information that is extremely valuable are podcasts.

In an effort to reach a broader audience with the message of preparedness, Todd Sepulveda, owner of Prepper Website, has launched a new podcast with the purpose of reading, or providing audible versions of the articles he links to on Prepper Website.

Articles linked on Prepper Website will be provided in audible format for audiences to download through their favorite podcast network like: iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher.

Audiences can also listen online at

The podcast, The Prepper Website Podcast, will be a weekday podcast with 2-5 articles that have been linked recently on Prepper Website. The Prepper Website Podcast can already be found on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, and other podcasting networks. Audiences can also listen to the podcast on the website through the embedded podcast player.

“I believe that the podcast will be a valuable resource to the Preparedness Community”, says Todd, “as well as those who are out there who aren’t familiar with preparedness, but find the podcast on their podcast network. I also hope that The Prepper Website Podcast is a blessing to Preparedness bloggers that do such a good job of putting content out there for others to follow and learn from.

Each article that is read on the episode will be linked to, so listeners read along and can see all the valuable resources preparedness bloggers provide in their articles.

The Prepper Website Podcast officially launched Monday, February 20, 2017. Don’t miss out.

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