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Our guides teach you skills that you need for prepare, survive, start a homestead, live off grid, and much more. Learn how to master skills and live a more prepared and self sufficient lifestyle.

What Makes a Knife a Bowie Knife

all about the bowie knife

The Bowie knife was one of the first survival knives, designed to be a close combat knife plus a camping tool and wilderness survival knife combined. Whether you are a knife aficionado or suffer from Aichmophobia (a fear of sharp objects), the Bowie knife is instantly recognizable due to its unique design. Though originally meant for self-defense, […]

Urban Survival SHTF: How To Pick A Lock

urban survival shtf pick a lock

Learn how to pick a lock quickly. Lock picking is a fun hobby and important urban survivalist skill when SHTF comes to find shelter, food, and more. DISCLAIMER: We do not condone criminal activity in any way, these skills are for shtf situations only!! Lock picking is always a controversial subject. We are not advocating lock picking for illegal purposes. Lock picking is a fun […]

A Simple And Cheap Earthquake Kit List

earthquake kit list

Use this earthquake kit list to build your own DIY earthquake survival kit. Make your own earthquake kit without spending a fortune on more gear. Earthquakes are disastrous events on a large scale that can hit without any real warning. An earthquake kit list can help you build your own earthquake preparedness kit for the “Big One” we keep hearing about as well […]

Are You Prepared?

are you prepared

Are you and your family prepared to survive a natural or man-made disaster? Disasters happen. That is a fact of life. Natural events such as floods, earthquakes, and major storms and also unnatural events like terrorist attacks of all kinds may disrupt the the grid. What exactly is the grid? It’s the regular distribution of electricity, food, […] © 2017