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Avoid Prepper’s Procrastination, Take Your First Step Today

Every prepper started from somewhere, and that somewhere is usually a bug out bag (an assortment of the most important items you’ll need in an easy to carry bag).

If you’re totally new and not ready for that yet, then this post if for you.

I challenge you to do something to prep. A tiny step, the baby of all baby steps. Do it today.

The infographic below gives you some info about the average family, how much food and water you need, a few other tips.

It’s all very basic but that’s ok, that’s what we’re doing in this post today. We’ll leave the more advanced stuff for another day.

This level of prepping isn’t really going to get you far like a bug out bag will, and it won’t take care of you for very long. Nonetheless it has a purpose. It’s to get you prepping!

Buying that first item and putting it on the shelf or in a bag is very empowering. You will be one step closer to being in control of you and your family’s future.

Once you take that first step you’ll want more. I promise.

Don’t let procrastination hold you back. Start today. Right now. Choose something to do.

Some ideas: Go take a can out of the kitchen shelf and put it somewhere special. Go get a lighter and stick it up. Put a bottle of water in the closet. Get a pocket knife and keep it handy.

Something, anything. Save it for a rainy day. Then use the infographic below to expand a little.

When you’re ready for more check out our other posts for more detailed advice.

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