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Learn basic survival acronyms, from EDC to BOV and everything in between.

For those new to survival all the acronyms can be hard to wade through so I thought I would post a short list of common acronyms that you find on many popular survival related sites, including this one. Let’s get started!

EDCEvery Day Carry –  The items you carry with you on an every day basis. These are things like flashlights, mini survival kits, firearms, or knives. In common use EDC means what you carry daily on your body without a backpack (in your pockets, around your neck, on your belt loops, etc).

BOB: Bug Out Bag – In all technical terms a BOB is for bugging out, or escaping, your current location. In common use it is used to describe that but more so a 72 hour kit (a kit that keeps you alive for three days). Over time the term has drifted more to mean a 72 hour kit than not and this trend will continue because they have become many preppers main survival kit. At any rate it doesn’t really matter because a BOB’s purpose is to contain enough supplies to last at least three or more days and let you stay very mobile. It will work either way.

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GHB: Get Home Bag – A small lightweight kit designed to get you home, back to your BOB. This should include minimal supplies but be thorough enough to do the job, roughly 12-24 hours worth of basic gear. Variations of the GHB include a WEB (Work Emergency Bag) and a VBOB (Vehicle Bug Out Bag). The former stays at your work and the latter stays in your vehicle.

INCH: I’m Never Coming Home – This is it, the BIG one, the daddy of all kits. As the name implies an INCH’s purpose is to contain everything you need to walk out the door and never look back again, all without wanting for any basics for survival along with a few simple comforts of life. Most INCH kits include a little bit of everything so care must be given to kept it as lightweight as feasibly possible. Simply put, an INCH lets you start life over as easily as possible.

BOV: Bug Out Vehicle –  Your main vehicle for bugging out. This might be your daily ride or a special vehicle, sometimes EMP-proofed to some degree.

BOL: Bug Out Location –Your secondary survival location. This is where you go when your home is no longer safe and must be evacuated. Plans must also be made in case your primary BOL is inaccessible or becomes compromised. Having a backup BOL in mind and even a third is a smart idea indeed!

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  1. WROL -Without rule of law
    TEOTWAWKI -the end of the world as we know it

  2. very useful and thank you

  3. G.O.O.D.I.E.S.
    Supplies, or Stuff.

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