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Cheap Ways To Start Prepping For SHTF, Natural Disasters And Emergencies

Prepping can save you & your families lives when any kind of disaster hits. Follow these simple steps to start prepping frugally today.

I want to talk to you for a minute about something that has been in my mind.

Prepping is very important. Emergencies and natural disasters happen every day from hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes to the breadwinner of the family having an accident.

I know it is hard to make it in these times. I understand money is tight and there are bills that need to be paid. I understand you may have a mile long list of things that need fixing around the house that require money.

I know there is stress and hectic schedules. Things to do and people to see. Groceries to get and jobs to be done.

But still make time for prepping. Try to buy at least one or two things every week when you go to the grocery store. Buy a 80 cent store brand can of spaghetti-o’s if money is super tight. Or a can of tuna. There are many different things you can get for less than $2 at the grocery store that you can add to your food storage.

Prepping can save you and your families lives when disaster hits. It can give you a way to have food when there is no way to get to a grocery store. It can help you bathe when you don’t have access to a shower.

Prepping can easily be done if you buy a little at a time. That way it doesn’t cost as much at once. If you bought 2 cans of food a week for a month, then you’d have 8 cans of food. If you did that every week for a year, then you’d have 104 cans of food. It adds up fairly quickly.

If you fill a 2 liter bottle of water just once a week and save it, you’ll have fifty two 2 liters bottles.

Yes, if something happens before a year is up, you wouldn’t have that much. But if you wait and don’t start somewhere, you may not have anything.

Things You Can Do As Early As Today

  • Start with cheaper items on weeks where money is the tightest. There are many $1 prep items you can get.
  • When you go to the department store and buy toilet paper, get a roll out and put it in your stockpile. One roll adds up and helps in the long run. You can do this for a lot of household items such as bar soap, laundry detergents and more. (Here you will find a list of the first 72 items that stores will run out of first, so you’ll know what to focus on)
  • Start saving soda bottles & fill them up with water. (However, don’t use milk jugs because you cannot remove milk proteins that them and it could lead to bacteria growth.) Place them somewhere out of the way and add to them as you can. Boil them when ready to use just to ensure they are safe from bacteria. Learn how long you should boil water.
  • Make a bug out bag by reusing a child’s old school backpack. You don’t have to have a fancy one. One with lots of storage is ideal though but use what you can. Add to it things that you already have at home that you may need like an old flashlight, an old radio, foods etc. Read this link for some more suggestions on bug out bags.
  • You don’t have to have brand new stuff. Yes newer (like anything) is better, but a flashlight bought in Goodwill for $2 that has batteries and is obviously working will get the job done if you can’t afford a new one. Just buy some extra batteries. Don’t be scared of second hand stuff if you can obviously tell it is in good working order.

Hurricane Harvey has been devastating. A lot of people are without homes and people have died as a result of it. People are still in shelters. It’s horrible.

And now we have Hurricane Irma aiming for Florida which has devastating winds and potentially leave catastrophic damage behind.

I don’t want you, my readers, and your families to be caught off guard when something like this strikes. I want you to be prepared. Being prepared & having a plan sometimes is the difference between life & death.

This is what BeSurvival is all about, helping you be prepared when any kind of disaster strikes. Be safe everyone.

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