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Family Preparedness: 13 Things to Add To Your Bug Out Bag for The Kids

Having a family bug out kit is very important, but what items are often forgotten to add for the kids? We have the answers for you & your family.

Prepping for kids is a challenge. You want them to understand that IF the SHTF you want to be prepared, but you don’t want to scare the daylights out of them either.
As parents we naturally want whats best for our kids. We take our jobs seriously as we raise them into responsible, mature adults. In order to do this, we must teach them to be prepared for the worst in case it should happen.

If you have smaller kids, you may want to add items to the family bug out bag. You may want to prepare older kids a basic backpack emergency kit for themselves. Add basic things like a change of clothes, a lightweight jacket, any medicines your child may take, and any other smaller things your child might need. Place this in a spot where it’s easy for you or your child to get to.

As your child understands that if there was a weather emergency or should the power or water goes out, start adding more things to there backpack if there is room and your child can still carry it on their back easily.

Here are a few things you may want to consider adding to their bags.

Family Emergency Bug Out Bag Ideas

1. Candy & Gum- Some small candy will not only keep your child happy, but it also keeps their blood sugar up and helps with energy, Especially when the SHTF, the food will have to be rationed so this will help keep them full and happy.

2. Small travel size games – You can get games like checkers, chess, and even monopoly in travel size forms these day. Also card games such as Uno, Phase 10 and Monopoly Deal will also fit easily in a bug out bag, not to mention the classic deck of cards!

3. Small toys – Small toys like matchbox cars, Rubik’s cube, yo-yo’s, and other small toys. These and the games mentioned above will make your child less bored.

4. Water filtered bottle – This will keep your child hydrated with good clean water.

5. Food bars – Keep some protein bars and snacks with a long shelf life that your kids would like to keep them full and healthy.

6. Small books – Some small thin books would also be great. If you read to your child every night, this is something that will be familiar and comforting to him or her.

7. Soap – A bar of soap is a definite for your child’s bag. You will want and need to make sure your child keeps their hygiene under control to prevent bug bites and all, which will make them miserable.

8. Solar Powered Flashlight – This is especially important if you need to leave your home. Most kids are scared of the dark and this will help them with the anxiety they will have being in a new place, but also great for multiple other reasons too!

9. Extra diapers & wipes – For babies and toddlers, you will need to make sure you have plenty. If you have a way to wash easily then you may consider cloth diapers.

10. Whistle – This will give them a way to get your help if needed.

11. Thermal Space Blanket – A couple of these blankets would be handy on cold nights. These are very lightweight but will keep them warm.

12. Rain Poncho – Once again, very lightweight but will keep your child warm and dry on rainy and windy days.

13. First Aid Kit – Kids will be much calmer when their boo-boo’s are covered by a bandage. Also it will help prevent infections.

Final Thoughts

In closing, remember that older children and teens can be trusted with additional survival items such as multi tool knife, extra paracord, and water purification tablets.

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