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Finding or Obtaining Water

Finding a source of water before you need it is a free and easy prep, and it might be the most important thing you ever do.

Before we begin, there are certain climates and geographic locations where finding water will be very hard, a desert for example.

You’ll have to take your location into account when you read the following. I suggest buying a guide book tailored for your unique location, especially if you live somewhere with harsh weather.

Wherever you live, finding a source of water before you need it is important. Scout out suitable locations and stock up necessary equipment before SHTF.

Not only should you know the location of the nearest streams, springs or other water source but specific locations where it would be easy to fill a container and the safest way to get it home.

Also note if your water source dries up during a dry period, most do. Creeks and even large rivers can disappear after only a few weeks without rain so make sure you go back and check your sources during these times and note their levels.

Prepare Now

Being fully prepared for water shortages means having at hand an easily installable or already installed system for collecting rain water. This can range from large tarps or sheets of plastic to a system for collecting water run off from your roof or gutters.


Adding a gutter system is an affordable way to easily collect thousands of gallons of water. A rain catchment system is a relatively cheap and easy DIY project. Make sure you install a roof washing system and find a container large enough to outlast your longest dry spells if possible.


Above ground pools are great ways to hold thousands of gallons of water for pennies per gallon. Just make sure you keep them covered to prevent evaporation and and treat them weekly with chlorine (stock up on 1″ chlorine tabs).

Final Thoughts

Once you have identified a source of water you need to have bottles or other containers ready to transport and store it. Keep your water cool and in a closet away from light. Opaque containers are better than clear containers at preventing slime.

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