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First Aid Supplies – Build An Ultimate Home And Office First Aid Kit For Emergencies And When the SHTF

No matter how careful you are, sometimes you just get hurt. No matter how careful you are, accidents just seems to happen. Be prepared!

Somewhere in the world right now, someone has had an accident, whether its accidentally getting 3rd degree burns when cooking, getting twisted in the dog’s leash and breaking your arm, or just a bad cut when chopping onions for dinner (or cleaning fish!).

Accidents are uncontrollable and unforeseen.

When the SHTF, we will still have accidents and will still need some way of cleaning and keeping it bacteria free.

I know we already have a post on a basic homemade first aid kit but this is the ultimate first aid kit. This is an add on to the homemade kit. It will contain everything you need in order to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

First of all you need the essentials:

1.Bandages- Try to get a variety of different sizes

2. Antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin

3.Ace bandages- Great for sprains!

4.Gauze- Soaks up blood in a jiffy!

5. Latex gloves- Keeps those hands clean and germ free!

6. Wash cloth or towel- Great for numerous things such as cold watr rag for bringing down fevers and washing wounds.

7. Pain medicines- Could you imagine hurting your leg really bad and not having some times of pain medicine?!

8. Saline solution- Great for eye wash (especially if you have contacts!) but also great for wound wash.

9. Antibacterial Gel- Also great for wounds and cuts; also great for cleanup.

10. Benadryl- Great for allergic reactions to stings and foods. Also an Epi-Pen if you have a prescription one for immediate help with severe reactions.

11. Any Prescription Medications You & Your Family Are On (if possible)- Be sure to rotate them out occasionally.

Now that we have established a very basic first aid kit, we will add to it.

Here Are Some Add-Ons:

  1. Toothache Cream
  2. Cotton Swabs
  3. Ear Drops
  4. Bismuth Tablets
  5. Safety Syringe
  6. Throat Lozenges
  7. Q-Tips
  8. Anti Itch Cream
  9. Anti Fungal Cream
  10. Tongue Depressors
  11. Nail Clippers
  12. Magnifying Glass
  13. Cloth Tape
  14. Paper Tape
  15. Sunblock
  16. Lip Balm
  17. Aloe Gel
  18. Scissors
  19. Alcohol Pads
  20. Eye Drops
  21. Basic Sewing Kit
  22. Antacids
  23. Calamine Lotion
  24. Anti-Diarrheal Pills
  25. Snake Bite Kit
  26. Medicine Droppers
  27. Thermometer
  28. Soap
  29. Tweezers
  30. Instant Cold Compress
  31. Space Blanket
  32. Tourniquet
  33. Triangle Bandages
  34. Moleskin
  35. Instant Heat Compress
  36. AfterBite
  37. Cough Drops
  38. Peppermint candy (for Diabetics)
  39. First Aid Care Book

These are just a few recommendations. If someone in your family has a certain medical condition and requires certain necessities, then add them to this list.

For example, if someone has diabetes and requires blood sugar testing add a blood glucose monitor, some extra batteries and test strips to your first aid kit.

Also just as a reminder, it is best to keep a first aid kit at home, in your survival kit, and in your car.

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  1. Over the course of time I have accumulated this and so much more! To organize and transport (think pretty darn heavy) I now use a wheeled carry on bag.

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