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How Prepping Can Actually Make You Money

Prepping can easily cost an arm and a leg, maybe a 1970’s corvette too. But there are ways that prepping can actually save or even make you money too.

Prepping isn’t cheap, and some days it feels like a rich man’s game.

Buying all that gear, food for months, something to store water in, maybe some land with a bug out location, filling a bug out bag, oh and of course you’ll want a bug out vehicle too… maybe a tank!

The costs can really explode on you if you let them.

It can be incredibly expensive, but at the same time prepping can actually save you money too. In the long run, being more prepared is always the safest and best bet.

You might spend a lot of cash for a couple of years, but in the long run it can and will begin to pay for itself in little ways.

So what are some ways that prepping actually saves or sometimes makes you money? Let’s go over a few…

You Can Barter Your Stockpile

When you barter items you’ve bought cheap because you got them with coupons or on sale or simply because you purchased them in bulk, you’re saving money. Many times you can come out on the better side of an honest trade too, simply because the other guy isn’t used to trading and wants to be generous.

Nothing beats veggies (and meat) you’ve grown yourself, and as most gardeners can tell you, it’s easy to have a surplus. Zucchini, anyone?

If you find that you have too much, trade some for things you need, cutting your costs on those items to essentially zero.

But what about your other preps? Stockpiled too much paracord? Try popular swap sites like Freecycle, or apps like LetGo, and facebook groups work too. Not to mention the standby classic, Craigslist.

And Bartering Your Skills Can Save You Money Too

If you’ve learned how to be your own handyman around the house, or do some basic car repairs, or any other self-sufficiency skill, you can barter those skills for what you need. And, let’s not forget that those skills can be used to start a small hobby business or even get you a part time job.

You’ll Find Better Sales And Discounts

Since you’re prepping now instead of later, you have time on your side. You can wait until what you need is on sale. These savings can be significant if you keep your eyes peeled for clearance items.

This also means you can save up coupons, wait for a good deal, and really cash in on the savings.

You’ll Have Better Home Security

Home robberies are not only devastating, but they are expensive. Even with good insurance, you still have to pay the deductible. Prepping your home also means (or SHOULD mean at least) that you will beef up security with stuff like motion lights, cameras, or even a full blown DIY security system. All of these can significantly reduce the likelihood that you’ll be targeted for a robbery.

Buying In Bulk Equals Savings

This goes along with finding good sales and discounts. When you buy in bulk, you’re reducing the cost of each individual item, thereby saving you money. This is especially true if you buy items that you use regularly that don’t expire. Soap is a great example here. A single bar can cost as much $2, but bought in bulk you can find many name brand soaps for $0.15 – $0.25 per bar.

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Use Solar Power To Reduces Your Light Bill

There is no doubt that switching to solar has some upfront costs, but even if you can only power part of your home (like installing a solar hot water heater, for example), you will find some savings. And in an emergency you’re covered from losses when food defrosts and ruins.

Raising Your Own Meat Can Be Cheaper

I don’t know about you, but meats used to be one of our biggest costs at the grocery store. But once you start growing your own meat, whether it be chickens, rabbits, goats, or giant grasshoppers, AND if you do your homework beforehand and keep your costs down, you can save money on your meats. Not to mention they are healthier and tastier too!

Rain Water Is (Almost) Free

This is another prep that will require a little planning and some upfront costs, but it will pay off every time it rains. Using a rain barrel to water a garden will save on water bills. Plus it can be used for washing things outdoors, watering animals, and watering yourself too.

A Garden Can Reduce Your Grocery Bill

This one is a no-brainer. And the food you grow will always taste better than the stuff you get at the grocery store (I forgot tomatoes had a flavor until I grew my first ones). Growing veggies then preserving and canning them can reduce your grocery bills.

Learning To Be More Self-Sufficient Saves Money

Speaking of bartering skills, learning how to do all those things in the first place means you don’t have to pay someone else to do them for you.

This money really accumulated over time, much like compound interest. The more you learn, the less you will have to spend.

Just learning how to do some simple things like changing your own oil, painting a room, or how to fix a lawn mower that won’t start can save you thousands and thousands over a lifetime.

Final Thoughts

Prepping can indeed save you money, as we’ve shown you above. But the first step, actually prepping, comes first.

Don’t let it just be a thought, get out there and learn some new skills, grab some extra food, build that dang rain barrel, and get to work.

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