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Is Your Office Hurricane Ready?

is your office hurricane ready

Your home may be the first place you prepare for disaster, but have you ever thought about what you would do should a disaster strike your office?

Would you and your coworkers be prepared? Would you, with your prepper knowledge, be the one they look to for help?

You may be wondering why even worry about it, since a hurricane usually means evacuation or at least the day off of work. It probably seems silly to even think about it.

The truth is that hurricanes can be unpredictable. What looked like it may miss you, or may break up, or maybe not be all that bad could quickly change directions and strengthen, especially near the coast.

Plus, let’s be honest…. not all of us have a job where coming in is optional nor do we all have bosses that care much.

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So, knowing that, being prepared is essential to avoiding chaos during a time when planning and calm heads become a rare thing.

This graphic covers all the information you need to properly prepare your office for a hurricane.

From knowing how to prepare the structure (and yourself), to making sure there’s emergency supplies such as food, water, and first aid necessities, you’ll find it all below.

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is your office hurricane ready infographic

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Is Your Office Hurricane Ready?

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