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Lock Picking For The Survivalist [Infographic]

Is your front door really secure? Learn the basics of lock picking with this infographic and test your own locks to see how secure they really are…

Every skill or splinter of knowledge we ever acquire brings with it an unexpected enlightenment.

An unseen side of things that are only carried to light through the lens of that knowledge and sometimes these new perspectives can be alerting or even frightening.

I would like to share with you an enlightenment I had almost 8 years ago that affects each and every one of us.

One regarding those little metal devices on our front doors.


About 8 years ago I picked up my first lock pick set. Nothing fancy, just a few standard picks and a cut-away practice lock that allowed me to see the internal mechanisms of the lock.

After spending about 10 minutes looking through a little instructional booklet that was included, I took my tools in hand and set in to pick my very first lock.

Click! Not even 5 minutes had passed before I found success.

Excited and enthused I closed the lock and once again began setting pins. Click!

Again I found success very quickly.

Naturally I knew that was a difference between picking a practice lock in which I could see what I was doing and a real lock in which I couldn’t. Curious and eager for a challenge, I locked my front door and mimicked what I had done to the practice lock….


I hadn’t even been fidgeting with the pins for 10 minutes before I found myself unlocking my front door.

It is here that a slight horror overtook me, I had just subtly entered my home without a key, in under 10 minutes, with almost no experience in lock picking….

A Real Eye Opener

Lock picking’s hidden benefit is an awareness that these little metal devices that we place between us and the world are nothing but an illusion, something to make us “feel” safe which in reality do little.

“Locks are to keep the honest people out”, indeed!

While it is unlikely that anyone will look to gain entry to your home through means of lock picking, it is this unlikelihood that speaks to the survivalist. Prepping for the unlikely is by very definition the mindset of the survivalist, and that includes prepping the home.

There is a strange confidence that comes with learning how to pick a lock. A confidence in your ability to more accurately gauge your own security. It is not until you try to exploit your own physical security that you truly understand just how mediocre they really are.

Below is an infographic explaining the basics of lock picking. Click to view full sized.

Click To View Full Sized

infographic lock picking for the survivalist

Click To View Full Sized

This infographic is courteous of The Art Of Lock Picking. Check out their beginner’s guide to lock picking for detailed step-by-step instructions.

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  1. Producing your own lock picking tools is easy. You will need thin strips of spring steel. Best I have found is in your discarded wind shield wiper blades. Just peel back the rubber and you will have one or two lengths of perfect sized spring (often stainless) steel that only needs a bit of grinding, and shaping. This makes for cheap and disposable tools.

    Best locks to practice on for beginners are cheap locks. Old vending machines often only needs to be raked a time or two, and allows beginners to gain confidence. It must be pointed out that you need to be the owner of the lock, or have the owners permission to stay out of trouble.

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