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Non-Lethal Weapons for Safety and Defense


Non-lethal weapons should be your first line of defense against an attack and a important part of any security plan. Small, portable, and legal in most states, these home defense weapons can be kept in a nightstand or carried in a purse in case of an emergency.

Being off-grid and away from neighbors can make you stand out like a sore thumb to an intruder. During SHTF you can bet you will be a target. When you’re out on your own and have no one else to watch your back, you need every advantage you can get.

College students, single women, or late-night joggers can also benefit from non-lethal weapons. They can make the difference between being fully prepared and falling short.

From a legal point of view non-lethal weapons are usually your best bet (if they are legal in your State) and in most cases they are all you need to end an attack, but be prepared to escalate to a lethal weapon if necessary.

They includes more than tasers and bean bag shells. They cover everything from detention and restraint items, rubber ammunition, and even practice weapons.

Less than lethal items that can give you the edge



Non-lethal weapons and ammunition:

Self defense items:

If you need to keep someone restrained, defend yourself without killing your assailant, or you need an advantage that will let you escape the situation these items can make or break the situation.

Training in any defensive situation is always crucial, so make sure you practice with all these weapons just like you would with a real gun or knife. Make sure you are comfortable with your chosen items before you trust your safety to them.

Many “less than lethal” items are outlawed in some states so they can be hard to find locally even if they are legal. If they are available for purchase in your area then there is no better place to buy them than Amazon, or out-of-state gun shows may be your only bet. Make sure you check your local laws before buying.

Non-lethal weapons provide a first line of defense against attackers and let them know that their easy pickings isn’t so easy. In the real world this is usually all it takes to end a conflict, but always keep your backup letal weapon ready too.

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  1. Thanks for a great article. I’ve always carried pepper spray (mainly to protect myself from dogs when I walk..)but had not thought of many of the items you listed here as part of my self-defense arsenal. I appreciate the information.

  2. necklace, multi-chain, large with larger balls on it. It is legal in all 50 states, taken off and swung, it can foil a knife attack and keep people/animals at a safe distance. No help at all against a gun or projectile weapon. Wearable and available. Pocket knife, kept hidden, laws here are very confusing in such a way that the police get to decide and any knife can be considered illegal if it folds.

  3. Marker rounds make your 37mm a DD and it would need to be listed as one (paper work and tax stamp)

  4. Buy a Paintball Marker and Ramp up the Chrony past 300 FPS… it makes a rather painful deterant

  5. Thanks for the great list of non-lethal self defenses. I want my wife to start taking around a taser or pepper spray. We don’t live in the nicest of neighborhoods, and she walks around a lot.

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Non-Lethal Weapons for Safety and Defense

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