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Stockpiling for Winter and Snowstorms

The winter season is upon us. Snow, ice and cold weather are right around the corner. Stockpiling for winter will get you prepared and keep you ahead of the game.

In the northern part of the United States that’s usually no problem. In the southern states, however, it can send people into a panic.

Snow in the Southern States

If the meteorologist shows any snow in the forecast, everybody flocks to the store. People buy milk, eggs, and bread in bulk and they disappear quickly.

The shelves are left empty for those of us that didn’t fall for the adrenaline scare.

There’s no need to panic. A few inches of snow is not going to disable you from leaving your house or stop you from driving.

There are many other survival foods and items you should stock up on as well, but those are the main items bought out.

Save your money for the drive thru restaurants. The milk, eggs, and bread will still be there.

Think about it. Has there been even one time when the trucks haven’t been able to deliver more? In most cases, they have always been able to bring more stock.

Where to Store What You’re Stockpiling for Winter

Let’s talk about the milk and eggs for a second. In the event that a major snow or ice storm hits your area, consider some things.

Could you have a power outage? If so, are the milk and eggs going to stay fresh in your refrigerator? Would you have a way to cook your eggs? What about milk?

Unless you can keep it outside, it will go bad in your refrigerator. So why are you stockpiling those items? You’ve just wasted your money and you’ll starve.

After taking a poll with some intelligent consumers, this is what we’ve come up with.

What You Should Be Stockpiling for Winter

Bread is a useful item, so I can justify stockpiling this for winter. You can always make a sandwich. But remember the sandwich filling must be a non-perishable item in case your power should go out.

Peanut Butter has a high protein value. You can easily store it in your cabinet and it doesn’t requires refrigeration.

Canned fruits were a popular choice. They have a long shelf life and require no refrigeration before opening.

Most people were fed that as a child and they were nutritional. Therefore, they got the vote.

You can store ice cream outside in the snow and ice. It is America’s favorite dessert.

Last, but certainly not least, is beer. For those of you that are weight conscience, consider the liquid diet. Beer is food! It’s full of hops, barley, grains and even water.

Beer can also be stored outside in the snow and ice for a cold, refreshing beverage, and meal in a can or bottle. Very versatile!

Get Out Ahead of the Storm

Here are just a few suggestions to help make your winter easier and more enjoyable in case of a winter alert.

If it’s the real deal and you’re under a winter storm warning with feet of ice and snow headed to your area, Is it the real deal?

Is a severe winter storm with a ton of snow and ice expected heading your way? If so, you should get out ahead of the storm.

Stockpile everything you can get your hands on. Pack up the family, jump in the car and head somewhere safe.

If possible, consider booking a flight to somewhere in the clear. Maybe even take a vacation while the storm blows over.

When the threat has lifted and things settle down, you can return home relaxed and refreshed.

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