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The No-Dig Smokeless Campfire

Build a no-dig smokeless campfire that requires no tools and takes only seconds. Better than a dakota fire pit, this method is nearly foolproof.

If you’re like me no matter what you seem to do with your campfire, and no matter what direction the wind is blowing, the smoke always seems to follow you around the fire no matter where you sit.

In this easy to follow video we learn two separate techniques that, when combined together, make a virtually smokeless campfire.

Not only will this method make your time around the campfire more enjoyable, it is absolutely necessary when you want to keep your visibility low. Build this no-smoke fire under the thick canopy of trees and it’s practically invisible.

The No-Dig Solution

Most no-smoke fires require digging a couple of small holes and a trench between the two. This type of fire is known as a dakota fire. The problem is a dakota fire isn’t always possible to build.

If you have no tools, no time, or a hard ground the dakota pit isn’t your best option. Not to mention you will expend calories to dig the holes and form the trenches.

Plus honestly it’s a pain to feed a dakota fire. You have to tend it often because big limbs won’t fit in the hole and laying limbs over the top will create smoke. Your trench will tend to collapse if you’re not careful too.

If you have the rocks, most importantly the big rock in the back, or similar shaped wet or very green logs I suggest you build the fire as shown below. If you can’t find any rocks or a backing to build this style no-smoke fire you could resort to digging a dakota firepit as a backup.

How To Make A Smokeless Campfire

Watch the video and make your next camping trip or other outdoor adventure more enjoyable with this simple, yet incredibly effective fire.

Obviously a 100% smokeless fire is impossible (where there is fire, there has to be some smoke) but these techniques can dramatically cut down the amount of smoke once it gets going.

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