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Butchering Homegrown Rabbits For Meat


Rabbits are an excellent small livestock to get started with.

Even if you don’t have the ability to move to the country, you can still gain many valuable skills by raising a few rabbits in your backyard.

I have found butchering rabbits to be much quicker than butchering chickens because a rabbits skin is extremely loose.

I can skin a rabbit much faster than I can pluck a chicken. No, it is not pleasant to butcher any animal.

But there is a certain sense of satisfaction knowing you can feed your family even if the grocery store shelves are bare.

How To Handle Rabbits For Meat

Because of their small size, rabbits are easy to handle and easy to butcher. The trick is to handle them very firmly.

A rabbit held tightly by the scruff with one hand and the other hand supporting its feet will not kick and thrash.

Don’t be timid, but hold your rabbit firmly to avoid getting scratched by the toenails on their powerful hind legs.

Below is a great video that shows the entire process from slaughter to finished meat.

If you just wandered into this post from Google, I should warn you that it’s a wee bit graphic and might scare a sheeple or two. For those serious about homesteading however, it’s a perfect tutorial.

For info on raising rabbits check out my previous post, Raising Rabbits For Tough Times.

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Butchering Homegrown Rabbits For Meat