stocking up on propane

Stocking Up On Propane

I see A LOT of people (read more than I can count on my toes and fingers) stocking up on 1lb propane bottles.  Ask yourself some questions….

Why exactly whould you stock up on propane this way? Why would using a 20lb tank be a problem?

Do you plan to grab your stove and run like mad with it on a regular basis?

Do you think it will be more portable? If so how will you carry 10-20 bottles?

Either way you should have just one to two 1lb bottles with you if you need to move quickly without a vehicle, you can’t carry 20 bottles with you or one 20lb bottle.

1lb propane bottles

And if you do have a vehice loading one tank vs several armfuls is much easier. Once I set my stove up I don’t move it, same mostly for my lanterns.

I doubt most people holed up in their BOL will be dismantling their equipment often.

If you’re moving lanterns around inside often then it’s a good sign that you need to buy a couple more, with the exception of one “walking lantern” (a simple LED Cranklight usually works a whole lot better by the way).

Stockpiling 1lb bottles is a bit silly to be honest. If you plan to use it for lanterns or need some propane for your BOB then buy a couple of bottles and a simple 1lb Propane Tank Refill Adapter.

Buying in bulk saves your money for other preps, propane is no exception.You can get a 1lb to 20lb Propane Hose Adapter for about $20, and the 20lb tanks are $19 for a refill and $45 for an extra tank at Home Depot.

At the average $3 for 1 lb it will cost $60 to buy the same amount in 1lb bottles, not to mention all the extra space 20 bottles will take up vs one tank and a 6ft hose.

Smarter, not harder!

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