2000 cheap offgrid homestead

The $2,000 Off Grid Homestead

What would you do if you had no house payment and no monthly utility bills? Well this guy is living the dream. Here’s a short introduction to simple solar homesteading that provides information on how to find cheap land, build an inexpensive home, and use solar power to eliminate monthly utility bills.

While he doesn’t get into the actual homesteading side much he does lay out a clear and easy plan to build your own off-grid cabin for less than $2,000. They make a great BOL! Watch these series of videos and he will show you how it is done easily and with very little money.

How to have a home with no house payments and no utility bills

How to build a 14×14 solar cabin

Cabin Interior

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  1. Love your cabin.

    1. It is pretty sweet, but it’s not mine. It’s SolarCabin on YouTube that all the credit must go to. I’m just sharing his creation.

  2. Love it!! Hoping to follow suit this summer.

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