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Well How About That – The Importance Of A Well For Long Term Survival

The most important thing to have on your property is a drilled well. Believe me, hauling water every day is for the birds.

It’s better to own five acres with a good well than forty acres without the possibility of one.

Water is vital and after the first few days of hauling water more then ten feet it become old, tiring, and one of the most dreaded chores.
On average, each person uses roughly seventy gallons of potable and non-potable water a day including cooking, drinking, flushing the toilet, and showers.

During an emergency you’ll find that suddenly you can get by with a lot less (like most things).

You’ll need at least one gallon a day to stay alive. Ten gallons a day is a pretty good estimate for a survival situation, except for days when you wash clothes.

If you do have a well on your property there are a lot of ways to get water, from windmills, hand pumps, and solar power pumps.

Water is a requirement that you need every single day and should be the first thing you look for on any property you’re considering buying.

Also a solar shower like the Stearns SunShower (Capacity- 5 gallons) and a Cabana Privacy Shelter are great things to have when the water no longer flows through your plumbing.

Fill it in the morning place where the sun can reach it and you can still have your hot showers.

Never underestimate the joy of taking a shower when you really do NEED one. Having a way to easily take a shower makes the world feel a lot more civilized, even when it no longer is.

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