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Become A Paid Writer

Become A Paid Writer & Make Extra Cash With Your Articles

We are now paying $5.00 directly to your PayPal for every article of yours that we publish! We are only publishing a select few paid posts every month….

We are accepting 10 paid posts this month.


Q. What’s the differences between a guest post and a paid post?

A. Paid posts are just like a guest post, except they must be a minimum of 1,000 words instead of 500 words AND they cannot contain any links to outside sites.

All paid posts will be published under our website author account and cannot ever be be published anywhere else.

Q. Should I write a paid post or a guest post?

A. Paid posts are for writers who want to trade their articles for cash. They are usually not site owners (but they may be), and they’re not trying to promote anything. They just want to be paid for their work.

Guest posts are for other site owners and publishers who want to collaborate with us to gain awareness, traffic, and links back to their own projects. Typically guest posts are linked back to the author’s website with a “dofollow” link.

Q. Is there a limit to how many paid posts I can submit every month?

A. Every month we publish a certain amount of total paid posts from all of our authors. You can see this monthly quota at the top of this page. This is not per author, but total the amount of paid posts that will be published that month.

The quota is almost never met (it’s designed that way), and increase when new active writers join, so your chances of being published several times every month are very high.

Once the quota has been reached you can either submit more posts and we’ll hold them for next month (you’ll come first), or you can let us know you’re going to publish them elsewhere and we won’t hold them. You can change your mind and resubmit later if you want too, as long as the content has never been published elsewhere.

If you’re an already approved paid publisher and want to know what the current available quota is before submitting a post, please ask us at the email address that you submit posts to and we’ll let you know. We don’t openly publish the current available quota.

Again, the quota is almost never met (it’s designed that way), and increase when new active writers join, so your chances of being published several times every month are very high.

Q. What are the guidelines for a paid post?

A. Almost the exact same as a guest post, so head over to Write For Us to see what topics we’re looking for, the do’s and do not’s, and some other general guidelines (p.s. check out our writer’s resource section while you’re there too, it’s full of great info and tools for content writers).

The only difference is paid posts must be at least 1,000 words and cannot contain any links. We also expect paid posts to use excellent grammar and native English without any spelling errors or filler “fluff” to increase word count, and they should be formatted properly (hopefully in a Word file). Basically they should be nearly ready to publish with minimum editing needed.

Q. What if my post isn’t good enough?

A. If you submit a post and it doesn’t meet our guidelines we’ll suggest how to fix it or if it’s a minor change we will fix it ourselves. Once it’s fixed we will publish it and pay you.

Q. Can’t I just submit a guest post longer than 1,000 words and get paid for it?

A. No. Paid authors must contact us beforehand and submit proof of their previously published works and then be approved. If you have never had an article published on any website before we can’t approve you as a paid writer at this time but you can still submit guest posts. We do this to avoid bots, low quality authors, and scammers who steal content to make a quick buck. It saves the quality writers and our editors a lot of time and headaches.

Q. If my post doesn’t meet guidelines can’t I just resubmit it as a guest post?

A. Sometimes, but not typically. Our guidelines for guest posts and paid posts are nearly identical, so unless the only problem is the post is under 1,000 words or contains outside links that you don’t want removed it wouldn’t be accepted as a guest post either.

Q. Do I have to submit images with a paid post?

A. It is not required, but it saves us a lot of time and we’re looking into ways to reward the best writers who send us ready-to-publish content. So, if you have a relevant image(s) that’s royalty free and that you have permission to use on BeSurvival you should definitely send it.

Q. I just want a link back to my website instead, how should I submit an article?

A. Head over to Write For Us and send us your guest post. It can contain links back to your site and they will be marked as “dofollow” once published.

Q. I want to trade articles for cash, what should I do?

A. Send us a quick email and tell us that you want to apply to be a paid poster. Include at least one link to a post somewhere on the web that you wrote. Three or more links are MUCH better than one. We will fairly consider everyone. Writers with many published articles will be chosen ahead of writers with little experience.

Send that email to

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