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We Reviewed Legacy Food’s Mega Sample Pack, Here’s What You Need To Know. Plus Enter To Win Your Own!

Is Legacy Food’s 183 Serving Mega Sample Pack your best bet for long term food storage? We broke out our bucket and compared it to the competitors.

Having food on hand during a natural disaster or a major prepper scenario is vital.

Having food with a long shelf life is just as vital. If you’re not checking dates and rotating grocery stocks on a regular basis you’re going to end up with a bad time.

The only thing that a 5 year old can of chicken soup is going to give you is botulism!

And not to mention that long term food storage is actually cheaper. How you ask?

Don’t be scared by sticker shock, it’s much cheaper to pay $5 for a bag that lasts 25 years than $2 for a can that lasts a year. That “too expensive” $5 bag could have saved you $45!

(at $2 a can x 25 years = $50, minus the $5 bag you should have got = $45 wasted!)

Now multiply this by the size of an average stockpile and you could save hundreds, if not thousands, by buying long term food storage instead of one off grocery items.

But with so many companies out there selling prepackaged food in cans, buckets, and pouches, it can be hard to know who to trust and who has the best food for the lowest prices…. especially when each company offers dozens and dozens of different food options and the considerations (caloric needs, nutrition, serving sizes, etc) are many.

Win A Legacy Food Storage 183 Serving Mega Sample Pack Of Your Very Own!

We’re giving away a MASSIVE 183 Mega Sample Pack! It ships direct from Legacy Food Storage and has over 41,000 calories! These pre-packaged meals are sealed for long term food storage and will keep for 25+ years (more about that in this article).

legacy food storage mega sample pack contents

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What’s Life Like Without Food Preps

We’ve all heard the saying “You can live 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food…” but what they don’t tell you is those three weeks without food are the most miserable of your entire life, and likely the last three weeks of your life.

And even if you make it out alive after a few weeks the damage done to your body, brain, and organs can be permanent.

So before we get into this article, I want to dedicate this section to those preppers who know food is important but haven’t made it a priority yet, or maybe don’t realize how important it is to have a fully dependable stockpile of food.

If you don’t want to feel like warmed over roadkill, make sure you take food preps seriously. Don’t be dumb and wing your caloric and nutritional needs at the most important time of your entire life with a few extra cans you threw in the buggy a couple years ago, or with an infamous 50 lb bag of diabetic-inducing white rice.

Your food stockpile should be built with a proper knowledge of caloric intake, nutritional needs, flavor monotony, insulin loads, and more. If you’re not properly stockpiled with basic food supplies, you will not last very long in a realistic prepper scenario. Period.

Long term food storage is the preferred method for it’s savings not only in your storage space but also your wallet. As we mentioned before, it’s much cheaper to pay $5 for a prepackaged bag that will last 25 years instead of a $2 can that lasts a year.

Long Term Food Storage

We recommend buying prepackaged long term food storage only from a reputable company with a history of delivering reliable food over and over.

Today we dig into one such company, Legacy Food Storage, and specifically their 183 serving mega sampler pack. Legacy provided us with a sample to try out, and we were quite surprised.

legacy food storage mega sample pack open bucket

First off, why a sampler pack, you might ask? For one, it’s a great way to meet your nutritional needs with a variety of foods from breakfast to supper, it will please most anyone’s needs and tastes.

Plus, if you are still unsure which exact foods you want to stock up on, the sampler pack is the perfect way to discovering exactly what you like and dislike. You can then come back and buy extra of your favorites. It’s also a great way to avoid flavor monotony.

Bonus Info

What’s flavor monotony and why does it matter? Have you ever been on a diet and had to eat, say, eggs for breakfast every single day for a couple weeks on end until you couldn’t even look at an egg without gagging?

That’s flavor monotony. It can make every bite a massive mental struggle. Eventually your brain will get tired of the same food flavor, such as rice and beans, and fight back.

From all of the different dish options and the high calorie counts, the Mega Sample Pack is a great way to try out Legacy Food Storage or experiment with long term food storage.

Compared to many others, we were quite impressed with Legacy’s vast food choices overall. We were also impressed with their prices, which after some number crunching turned out to be the lowest prices among comparable products, and the highest caloric and nutritional values per serving.

Speaking of, the massive size of their servings compared to others is impressive. And generally their overall quality and commitment to providing actually healthy food instead of junk in a bag that still tastes great while lasting 25+ years puts them above the rest.

Legacy has the lowest food costs per calorie and per pound of anyone else we could find to compare them to, which means you get more life sustaining caloric energy for your dollar (and that’s the name of the game). With a 25 year shelf-life, plus GMO-free and gluten free options, they are the obvious choice.

Bonus Info

Most food storage companies give you a paltry 1/3 cup or 1/2 cup per serving that leaves you hungry and wanting more at every meal. With Legacy you get 1 1/2 to 2 full cups per serving, massive servings! This goes a long way to making you feel full after every meal and keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

Check out this video where they do side by side comparisons.

With many other food companies you almost feel like you’re on a starvation diet and can’t wait for the next meal. With these Legacy meals I felt completely full afterwards and could easily stretch my stock or even skip a meal if I wanted.

That’s a valuable asset that gives you the flexibility to extend your stockpile longer if needed.

And honestly, the food tastes better too. Myself and everyone who tried it agreed, Legacy was also above the rest when it comes to flavor. But we’ll talk more about that in a moment.

What You Get

In Legacy Food Storage’s Mega Sample Pack, you get 31 pounds worth of food, equaling 183 servings and 41,600 calories. As mentioned, these serving sizes are double and sometimes triple the size you would normally see in prepackaged foods.

legacy food storage mega sample pack packets

The Mega Sample Pack offers one of everything Legacy sells and has a huge variety of food options – from brown sugar pancakes, to pasta alfredo, to white bean chili, to freeze dried banana chips.

One things is for sure, you won’t get bored with so many options to choose from.

The Mega Sample Pack breaks down into 4 different breakfast options, 19 different entrees, 6 side dishes, and 3 drink options – including coffee and chocolate milk.

With a total of 41,600 calories, the Mega Sample Pack dishes out nearly twenty one 2,000 calorie days.

Outer Packaging – The Bucket

Stockpiling food for a disaster situation typically means you need lots and lots of shelves, closet space, and more. We’ve all seen the pictures of entire basements dedicated to food preps. Legacy’s 183 Mega Sampler on the other hand comes in one large bucket that you can easily store in a closet. It fits perfectly underneath a shelf.

Bonus Info

Legacy’s sampler used to come in five to six small buckets, as pictured on their website, but it now comes in a single bucket. Legacy decided to keep it simple and switch to a singular storage bin instead of numerous containers.

legacy food storage mega sample pack bucket size

The bucket itself is 19″ high, 13″ wide, and 16″ deep.

I believe Legacy Food Storage has found a nice balance between storage space, weight, size, and portability here.

The bucket isn’t too heavy, at 31 pounds when full, so you can pick it up and bring it to the kitchen easily or, say, move it to a bug out vehicle if the need arises.

Nor is it too big that it won’t fit in the common places preppers should store their food (a cool, dark place. Preferably a closet, and never an uninsulated place such as a garage or attic).

legacy food storage mega sample pack trash can

The storage bin is stackable with a resealable lid that folds all the way back, allowing you to use the bin to store other items long after you’ve eaten all the food.

Also, in a pinch, the bin could double as a garbage pail for trash waste or, ahem, biowaste.

Seen here, we put a 30 gallon garbage bag in it, and a 13 gallon would work too. Add a little sand or cat litter and you have another major prepper problem taken care of too.

The Individual Meal Packaging

Like most other long-term food storage, the individual meals are kept in sealable pouches.

But where most all other companies stop there, Legacy Food Storage puts in extra effort to assure the food is as fresh as possible.

When it comes to food freshness, oxygen is by far your biggest enemy. Most companies simply throw in an o2 absorber to fight oxygenation and call it a day. The standard oxygen percentage in food stored under this method is about 2% – 5%.

At Legacy, the pouches go through a procedure to remove as much excess oxygen as possible. Each pouch receives an oxygen absorber and is then sealed with a special nitrogen flush to help further guarantee your food will last for decades. The residual oxygen in Legacy Food Storage pouches is a tiny 0.11%, well below the standard 5%.

The packets are also portable and easy to throw in a backpack. You can bring them camping and feed a family for the weekend with just a few packets, and you can put them in a bug out bag for a quick getaway.

Win A Legacy Food Storage 183 Serving Mega Sample Pack Of Your Very Own!

We’re giving away a MASSIVE 183 Mega Sample Pack! It ships direct from Legacy Food Storage and has over 41,000 calories! These pre-packaged meals are sealed for long term food storage and will keep for 25+ years (more about that in this article).

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But How Does It Taste??

Ok, we all know this is what it really comes down to. It doesn’t matter how well priced it is or how big the servings sizes are if the food tastes bad. We here at BeSurvival, including me personally, tried many of the meals and freeze dried packets from the Mega Sampler bucket.

legacy food storage mega sample pack cooking

Breakfasts And Snacks

Let’s start with my favorites. Their freeze dried banana chips and their strawberry chips are the best I have ever had from anywhere, bar none. Everyone here agreed.

Their freeze drying process seems to somehow lock in the natural sweetness like no other. And the texture was just right, not too hard but none of that odd softness in the middle either. I could eat them straight out of the bag for days and never get tired of them.

I snacked on them for days, put them in my store bought cereal, as well as their grain cereal and oatmeal packets.

Their grain cereal is tasty and extremely filling, it doesn’t take much of that stuff to power you through the morning and right through lunch too really.

The oatmeal was equally good, I would compare it to the $7 high-end organic oatmeal I sometimes buy at Whole Foods.

Another favorite was the pancake mix. It was fluffy, gently sweetened, and could be eaten without syrup (we tried them with and without syrup because we figured you might not have tons of syrup stocked up). We also made some waffles with it and they turned out equally tasty.


Now I’m a bit of a coffee connoisseur snob. I own a small fortune in french presses, am a member of two coffee forums, and can make a killer cup of about anything. Naturally I was excited when I saw the extra large bag of coffee. It was fresh with no bitterness, better than a cup of Folgers and moderately close to a cup of Gevalia House Blend. I bet you could charge some nice silver for this stuff when the SHTF, but I don’t think you’ll want to hand it out.

As far as drinks go I also thoroughly enjoyed the powdered chocolate milk. I’m not a big fan of powdered milk, but this mix was flavorful and not watery or powdery tasting. While it is a little bit hard to get it to mix with cold water at first, this packet was still the first to disappear around here.


The mac and cheese was great. I could eat several bowls, and did actually. It was creamy and tasted much like velveeta cheese.

Their freeze dried green beans were admittedly just alright. Much better than canned, but needed some salt, chicken bouillon, and Mrs Dash to be to my liking. In full disclosure, I do loath green beans with a passion.

Main Dish

The chili was one of my favorite meals in the Mega Sampler Pack. I found that I had to add an extra cup of water over the directions for this one, but it was still incredibly flavorful. Not too hot and spicy either. It tasted just like the chili I make in the crockpot most Sundays. I want to note that this was the only meal that needed a little more water than the directions, everything else worked out fine.

The pasta alfredo, pictured below on the left (on the right is another meal, cheesy broccoli), was delicious and creamy. Even the pickiest of eaters here at our test kitchen were happy, they gave it a solid 5 stars and came back for more. The cheesy broccoli made a great side dish to some baked chicken too.

legacy food storage mega sample pack cooking both

Here below you can see the pasta alfredo after cooking. The noodles were soft, but not gummy, and the sauce was thick and creamy.

legacy food storage mega sample pack done cooking


We opened many packets, too many to list here, and cooked as directed. We were never disappointed, except for maybe a little in the green beans straight out of the bag without spices. After a couple of packets we started getting excited at every meal because it was a real treat.

Make no mistake about it, this isn’t your average survival food. This stuff can pass for a meal any time day or night and you would never know it didn’t come from the store.

Bonus Info

If you buy microwavable meals or quick, easy to prepare prepackaged meals now at the grocery store, you can save some money and improve the flavor of your dinners by trying these meal packs instead.

Buying your quick meals in bulk through a company such as Legacy not only gives you a supply on hand when you really need them, but saves you money as the cost per serving is half that of most microwaveable meals.

Calories And Nutritional Value

Beyond taste, you also have to be concerned with the nutritional balance (proteins, fats, carbs, etc) and the caloric intake you’re actually getting. Sadly, a man, no matter how hard he tries, cannot live on chocolate milk alone.

And I think we did try that day too because that chocolate milk pouch was gone in 15 minutes flat….

Easy enough, your caloric and nutritional needs are taken care of for you with such meals as these. Legacy has saved you the trouble by designing their packets with balance in mind, so every meal pack is plenty fine to meet your needs. I read the back of every pack and compared them with competitors and also grocery items, they were all within range of what you would expect (or better).

Bonus Info

Legacy has the highest calories per dollar, per bag, per serving, per weight, by volume, or however else you want to look at it, which makes them the top choice for the financially responsible and space conscious prepper.

Preservatives, GMO’s, Gluten Free and Vegan Options

When dealing with food designed to have a lasting shelf life, you will be hard pressed to find a bag that does not contain some sort of preservatives.

Due to the extended lengths they go to properly package their food, Legacy Food Storage uses zero preservatives. Without the addition of preservatives the food is more natural tasting, and thanks to their packaging process it’s still good for 25 years.

Legacy Food Storage uses no GMO’s, which makes the food more desirable to me and others who are concerned about them. Additionally, they use no artificial flavors, MSG, or AYE. There are even several gluten free and vegan options available.

Overall Review – 4.9 / 5.0

Legacy Food Storage 183 Serving Mega Sampler Pack

Every now and then a company will come into a market and say “we can do better” and really mean it. Legacy has done it, the bar has been raised.

When it comes to long term food storage, we’ve been forced to believe that it all has to be far too expensive and taste bland…. and after all that money spent, it still leaves you hungry an hour later. But not with Legacy, it’s a different experience.

It’s very refreshing to see a company shake up the market with low priced, great tasting healthy food.

We give two big thumbs up to Legacy Food Storage and the 183 Mega Sample Pack.

Win A Legacy Food Storage 183 Serving Mega Sample Pack Of Your Very Own!

We’re giving away a MASSIVE 183 Mega Sample Pack! It ships direct from Legacy Food Storage and has over 41,000 calories! These pre-packaged meals are sealed for long term food storage and will keep for 25+ years (more about that in this article).

Enter to win by visiting our Facebook page using the RaffleCopter buttons below, and go ahead and like our page while you’re there.

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Final Thoughts

When putting up food to store for an indefinite and unknown amount of time, you want the absolute best, and you want it at a good price too. You want nutritional food that tastes great, 2 years or 20 years from now.

Through long term food storage you can know that your family will be taken care of in case the unthinkable happens. With the large variety of meals in Legacy Food Storage’s Mega Sample Pack you have peace of mind knowing that you are properly provisioned for decades to come.

Disclaimer: This is an unbiased review based on our own experiences and opinions. While Legacy Food Storage supplied a review sample for us to test, it did not affect our results or conclusion. This post contains affiliate links. For more on how we occasionally receive products to test, how we test them, and why we make these reviews please see the sidebar and our lengthy about us page.

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  1. I’ve used Legacy before and I was very happy. I have their 3 day bucket, this is actually my second bucket because I had a tornado hit about two years ago and I opened up my last one. It got me through and I was very happy with the results! One of the only good things that happened to me that week actually.

  2. Legacy is my go to company. I have tried several (wise, prepper pantry, etc) and legacy is my favorite. I use them for a stockpile and on my fall hiking trips and they are very good.

  3. I ordered from Legacy a few months ago and messed up my delivery address by a number. I didn’t catch it till the next day so I called them and their customer service was extremely helpful. They had it fixed in just a couple of minutes and it arrived with no problem.

  4. Thanks for doing this, you just saved me some money. I’ve been thinking about going with wise for a $500 order to stock up on enough for me, my wife, and my two teenage boys but it looks like I can get the same amount from legacy for about $350.

  5. Been wanting to get some serious food storage up and going around here. Thought about doing a few hundred pounds of white rice until I saw your post about the nutrition and carbs of it. Was going to add some red beans and grains, but I’m gonna look into legacy first.

    Legacy is so low cost per serving it makes more sense to go this way when you include your time and costs doing it yourself. The cost would be somewhat higher but don’t seem by much and I would feel better having something I know is guaranteed to last instead of me trying my hand with some bay leaves and o2 packets in home depot buckets.

  6. Apprecaite you going into some details about the taste because that’s the biggest concern to me. I don’t wanna spend $100 just to find out it tastes like poop. Please break down each packet and taste test each one.

  7. I’ve had Legacy before. I’ve also owned Wise, MRE’s, and food bars, and I’ve sampled two other bucket food brands that I can’t remember right now.

    MRE’s are good, but they give me the shits after a week. The taste doesn’t make me want to eat them every day.

    Wise was so so, nothing to get excited about. I wouldn’t go back now because of the cost.

    Food bars should be for emergency only, such a bland taste for days makes you sick to your stomach to take another bite after a while.

    The other two brands I’ve had were bad, reminds me of cheap banquet meals or something. Would hate to have nothing else.

    Legacy was my favorite for flavor. The food was very fresh after several years of storage and tasted like a regular home cooked meal. It’s all I buy now because of the price and track record.

  8. No info on the amount of water needed to prepare your products, or how long it must be cooked or how about just the basic cooking instructions? important info we need before deciding on your product.

    1. Hey Paddy, it’s Legacy Food’s product not ours, but it varies for every package depending on what it is. Every package has the full instruction printed on the back.

      Most are from no water needed to 1 cup or so, nothing out of the ordinary.

      Cooking times vary too, from no cooking needed to 15-20 minutes for stuff with lots of noodles.

      The packages that do need cooking are all the same: pour in a pot, add water, and cook for the given time, stirring occasionally.

      It’s all typical basic cooking with nothing out of the ordinary. If you can make a box of mac-n-cheese now you could make everything in the bucket easily.

  9. up until now my go-to has been Mountain House for taste. one of the things I look for is real meat – does Legacy use real meat in their meals or some sort of veggie / soy protein like Wise and many of the others??

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