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Near The Coast? Get This Tsunami App That Uses NOAA’s Global Buoy Network

If you’re visiting or live near the coast you need to get this new app that uses a global network of high tech NOAA buoys to warn of an incoming Tsunami.

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It seems like with each passing year, nature threatens to take a more devastating toll on humanity.

Coastal populations are particularly vulnerable. Threats of tsunamis and floods loom ever larger over people around the globe.

While many natural disasters happen in the blink of an eye, tsunamis can be detected early enough to give potential victims time to brace for impact.

Still, due mostly to inadequate warning systems, tsunamis have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives in recent years, with over 230,000 people killed and half a million injured from a single tsunami in 2004.

The App That Saves Lives

Alexander Artyukhin, working with experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), has created a new app designed to help save lives when the next tsunami strikes.

Today, TheTsunami app, which has already been developed, launched its official Kickstarter campaign to collect the remaining funds required to put the app into action.

near the coast get this tsunami app that uses noaas global buoy network buoy

TheTsunami app taps into a global network of buoys with the help of NOAA to detect tsunami-related disturbances and immediate relay a warning signal.

The app uses these signals to issue alerts whenever a significant tsunami threat has been detected, telling users which areas to avoid and which areas are safe.

The moment TheTsunami app detects a disturbance, it provides users with real-time alerts and all of the information they need to protect themselves.

Using TheTsunami App

During any sort of tsunami-related disturbance, users will have:

  • A countdown to when the tsunami is expected to hit
  • Live updates of the height and speed of the wave
  • The option to share the relevant data with friends and loved ones
  • A comprehensive evacuation plan, showing you the nearest safe zone and how to get there
  • News updates relevant to the tsunami
  • Confirmation that you have reached the safe zone

Anyone located in danger zones when the tsunami’s approaching will be informed of which direction the tsunami is heading in, as well as when and where it will make landfall. The app also maps out personal rescue plans to help each user navigate his or her way to safety as quickly and efficiently as possible.

near the coast get this tsunami app that uses noaas global buoy network danger

All of this is fully automated. The elimination of the human factor not only saves time, but it prevents human error and as a result save lives.

Additionally, during ANY sort of flooding – whether the floods are caused by a tsunami, a hurricane, dam breakage, or any other disaster – stranded users can tap the app’s SOS button to be immediately connected with all emergency professionals in the vicinity.

With one tap of the SOS button, all nearby emergency professionals will be alerted to the user’s exact location. The technology works even when GPS signals are at their weakest.

When the coast is clear, users can open and explore the app to double-check that everything’s ok, to help craft a tsunami/flood survival plan, to read up on the latest news about the tsunami, and more.

near the coast get this tsunami app that uses noaas global buoy network safe

TheTsunami app is designed with a minimalistic and straightforward design and is very easy to use. Their goal is to save as many lives as possible and they don’t want anyone to waste valuable time flipping through endless screens and dense text.

TheTsunami app has already been developed and is nearly ready to launch. They are now seeking the funds required to secure access to the buoy network and to fine-tune the server through their Kickstarter campaign launched today. They plan to raise the funds needed by March 2017 be live by mid-summer.

Final Thoughts

This is truly a worthwhile app for anyone who will be visiting the coast or who lives nearby. It’s extremely functional and as easy to use as simply looking at your phone and following an arrow to safety.

The SOS button feature is also an invaluable tool for all preppers or anyone worried about needing help after a natural disaster.

If you’re able to give to this cause, know that your donation has went to save possibly countless lives. Check out their Kickstarter today.

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