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Survival Boot Laces – Easy Everyday Carry Gear That’s Practically Invisible

Survival boot laces are an ingenious piece of gear that you can carry everywhere and no one will notice. One of the best brands, simply called Survival Laces, have several hidden capabilities.

The laces are made with 550 paracord with the standard 7 strands of nylon and one strand of fishing line (8 lb. test) in the core. The strands are good for building shelter, repairing gear, building a weapon or trap, bandaging a wound, catching game, etc.

If you have had any experience with paracord you will know the list of possibilities is endless.


Each set of laces includes a 4 inch strand of tinder and a 1 inch ferrocerium rod. One end of a lace is filled with an 8th strand (tinder), which is accessible by first removing the metal aglet. This strand is colored red, waterproof, and is extremely flammable so it can be used as tinder.

The tinder strand is cut to an optimal length of 4 inches, allowing you to use what is needed and leave you with a surplus. Once the tinder is removed from the lace, it can be teased by a knife or sharp edge, giving it more volume and making it more flammable.

Lace profile

Along with the tinder strand you will find a 1 inch ferrocerium rod in the core of the paracord inside the aglet. You can start a fire in a time of desperation and still have several feet of paracord to utilize. The ends of each lace are fitted with a high quality and firmly secured “bullet” aglet.

You can get Survival Laces in five different lengths (48”, 54″, 64”, 72″, 84”) and two different standard colors (Black, Olive Drab). There is also a pair of Limited Edition Red Firecord Survival Laces, which includes a tinder strand that is the full length of the laces and doesn’t contain the fishing line.

You can grab Survival Laces at their official website,

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