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BOB, WEB, BOV, INCH…. If you’re new to survival and prepping all the acronyms being thrown around can be hard to understand. We’ll give you the heads up and explain what all those crazy terms mean. We have a few posts that explain all the common acronyms that you find on many popular survival blogs and forums.

Ammunition Acronyms

Below is a list of common acronyms associated with modern firearm ammunition. Modern Ammunition Acronyms: +P Higher powder charge than normal, 10-15% overpressure +P+ Significantly higher powder charge than normal, 20-25% overpressure ACP Auto Colt Pistol A-MAX Polymer tipped long range target bullet – Hornady AP Armor Piercing API Armor Piercing Incendiary APT Armor Piercing […] © 2010 - 2018