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Cooking is the art of making food edible by heating it. The topic covers recipes, ways to cook, tools needed to cook, and ways to start and maintain a basic cooking fire during a survival situation. Cooking might be done in a conventional oven, over a wood stove, or at a campfire.

Self Sufficient Off Grid Homestead Ideas And Skills Basics – Canning

self sufficient off grid homestead ideas and skills basics - canning

Canning is a forgotten art of preserving food for your homestead. Let us help you learn how and get started! We’ve decided to start bringing you some of the forgotten skills of yesteryear. We’re starting a new series called Self Sufficient Off Grid Homestead Ideas & Skills Basics because we want to help YOU become […]

The Ultimate Survival Food: Pemmican – What it is And How To Make It

the ultimate survival food pemmican what it is and how to make it

Pemmican is the ultimate survival food. With a few ingredients, you can make a food that has a long shelf life & provides all the proper nutrients you need. You aren’t always going to have the luxury of a stocked refrigerator in a survival situation. Besides stockpiling canned goods and other food items that can […] © 2010 - 2018