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Learning how to save money on your preps or at your homestead is crucial. Your money is just like everything else at your disposal…it’s not so disposable. learning to be more frugal is the first step towards a more self sufficient lifestyle. We’ll teach you how to save money when buying supplies, how to prep on the cheap, and how not to waste cash on useless gear.

Cheap Ways To Start Prepping For SHTF, Natural Disasters And Emergencies

cheap ways to start prepping for shtf, natural disasters and emergencies

Prepping can save you & your families lives when any kind of disaster hits. Follow these simple steps to start prepping frugally today. I want to talk to you for a minute about something that has been in my mind. Prepping is very important. Emergencies and natural disasters happen every day from hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes […]

4 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Switch To Solar For Your Off Grid Homestead

4 simple things you can do right now to switch to solar for your off grid homestead

Even without spending very much time or money, you can start switching to solar power and save money on electricity in the process. Solar power is great. It is clean and green. But unfortunately it also takes a lot of money to set up considering the cost of solar panels. Even with tax incentives, most […] © 2010 - 2018