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Learn what gear and supplies you REALLY NEED. Prepping is a lifestyle of self sufficiency, frugality, and seeking the truth. A Prepper is anyone that prepares in advance for things to come, anyone who has observed recent history and the re-occurring disasters (both natural and made-made) and takes the appropriate steps to deal with and survive any such events which may occur in their environment.

Are You Prepared?

are you prepared

Are you and your family prepared to survive a natural or man-made disaster? Disasters happen. That is a fact of life. Natural events such as floods, earthquakes, and major storms and also unnatural events like terrorist attacks of all kinds may disrupt the the grid. What exactly is the grid? It’s the regular distribution of electricity, food, […]

How To Begin Prepping

So it’s time. You’re convinced. You know you need to prep…but where do you start? Beginning prepping is like a train. It can be hard to get started but once it’s rolling it’s hard to quit! Everyone successful at prepping has started from somewhere, and that somewhere is usually a bug out bag or maybe a backyard […] © 2015