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SHTF, or When The SH*T Hits The Fan, means when all hell breaks loose. It’s when society as you know it has broken down for whatever reason, whether natural or man-made, and it’s time to use your skills and knowledge to save yourself and protect your loved ones. If you’re lost in the woods the SHTF has happened to you. if your neighborhood is in a riot or a natural disaster has struck, it’s SHTF time.

Prepping With The End In Mind – How A TEOTWAWKI Mindset Can Make You A Better Prepper

prepping with the end in mind how a teotwawki mindset can make you a better prepper

A major nationwide catastrophe could be right around the corner or years away, the timing is ambiguous but the preparation should not be. Editors note: In this sponsored post, we cover so-called doomsday preppers (i.e. very well prepared preppers) and go over a few SHTF situations. We talk about if you should prep, the basics […] © 2010 - 2018