10 smart ideas my redneck neighbor taught me
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10 Smart Ideas My Redneck Neighbor Taught Me

Most neighborhoods have “those neighbors”. That unique mix of loving the outdoors, not caring what the neighbors think, never trusting the government, lots of backyard ingenuity…. and a little trashiness threw in to seal the deal. They are labeled “the Rednecks”.

Around my neck of the woods we like to call them the Good Old Boys because 99% of the time they are some of the most decent and down to earth people you’ll meet!

Nearly all of them would give you the shirt off their back, if they ever wore one. And most of “them” are downright ingenious. Calling someone a “redneck” is almost always a case of judging a book by its cover.

I like to hang out with the Good Old Boys. Maybe I’m partial to their outdoor centered lifestyle, maybe I like their don’t give a crap attitude, maybe I’m a little redneck myself, or maybe I just treat everyone the same.

Over the years I have learned a few things from my Good Old Boy friends. I’ve used their advice and give it out to people who will listen.

Here’s 10 tips and tricks that could make the difference when it is time to put up or shut up.

#1 – Get a Decent Pocket Knife

You ever seen a Good Old Boy without a knife nearby? Me neither. Not having a pocket knife is like not having air to breath or beer to drink…it just don’t happen to the Good Old Boys.

You have a few options too. You can go with the standard one or two blade pocket knife (also known as a toe knife), a swiss army knife (the standard), a multi-tool (heavier, but more useful), or a fixed blade knife that hangs from your belt (more in the way of daily life than anything).

Your pocket knife will be your go to EDC (Every Day Carry) if you need to cut something, screw something, open something, or protect something.

At the end of the day, there is no reason anybody should not have a pocket knife in their pocket just like they would have a screwdriver in their tool box.

#2 – Buy Land

Get a 1-acre+ lot that gives you plenty of space to do stuff. +1,000 if it has a stream on the property. Build a chicken coup, get a couple of dogs, a large shed, a garden, a lake, and space to have the grandkids play.

The land lets you be more prepared for the future. If you do not own land and can afford it (save, save, save!), purchase some, even if it is somewhat of a drive away from your home.

Many towns outside large cities sell 1-acre plots of land for fairly cheap. Look for foreclosures and good deals. If you decide you don’t need the land later on you can sell it as an investment.

Raised Bed Gardening

#3 – Plant a Garden

Whether you have land of your own yet or not, you should have a garden. You don’t have to just garden in the ground either, it can be in pots, raised containers, or something more advanced like hydroponics.

Your typical Good Old Boy will have a section of his yard that looks a bit like a science experiment / overgrown junk pile.

Tomato plants wrapped in chicken wire, old swing sets full of bean vines, window screen bug covers, pvc greenhouses, and milk jugs…milk jugs everywhere!

The fruits and vegetables you produces at home are always fresher, better for you, and better tasting.

Grow your own spices and herbs for flavoring your meals. Most herbs are dead simple to grow and hard to kill.

#4 – Get out of Debt

By paying off your debt, it not only frees you from the debt that you have accrued, but it enables you to save more money for later on in life when you might really need it.

I would highly suggest you read a couple of books from Dave Ramsey.

Financial Peace Revisited – If anyone is in debt, without a savings, or without full control of their financial life I would HIGHLY encourage you to grab Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Revisited. You’ll love this book.

The The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness –  I wish every American would read this book. It is simply that life changing. The country would be a better place if we all heeded the simple advice laid out here. This book is guaranteed to motivate you and fix your finances.

Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money – Simple, easy, time-tested financial principles laid out with a plan. All the wisdom your Grandparents had about money in a single book.

Here are three techniques that saves thousands of dollars too:

* Get rid of the cable bill – By eliminating the cable bill, you can save $50 every month. Cut the cord and switch to services like Netflix and Hulu for huge savings every month. You can still get all your local channels and news with a $0 per month antenna.

* Pay the mortgage payment biweekly – A 15 year mortgage can be paid off in 12 years, 6 months because of the interest you save by paying half of your payment twice per month instead of one payment a month.

* Keep your vehicle for 10+ years and save cash for your next truck. Every month, put away some for your next vehicle. Instead of getting a loan and paying the extra interest you can buy a car at a discount with cash. You’ll also avoids higher insurance premiums due to not having a lien on the car.

#5 – Buy a Truck

Many people that grow up in the city have no interest in buying a truck, but you should. You can transport nearly anything with a truck. You can go off-road with a truck, which can be a life saver in an emergency situation.

Just like a tractor is the modern day workhorse, a truck is the modern day transportation workhorse. Yes, cars typically get a little better gas mileage in most cases, but you pay for it when you need to transport a lot of material or something large.

SUVs limit your overhead space and eat gas like nobodies business, I tend to avoid them.

Buying a truck with a trailer hitch (almost all) and a removable bed cover is a recipe for success. Add four doors and tinted windows and you practically have an SUV with real hauling capabilities.

#6 – Store Food

Rice and beans. Rice and beans. Rice…and beans. You hear it all the time, store rice and beans. The truth is it’s an ok way to start storing food but it’s just that, a start. You need variety in your diet.

Buy what you eat now and store some up. Start with cans of soup or spaghetti-o’s for the kids then add dried items in boxes, like pasta or mac-n-cheese. Get canned meats such as tuna and chicken too.

Learn to can your garden surplus.

Learn how to store food for the long term in mylar bags inside 5 gallon buckets.

Pick up a large bag of rice and a large bag of beans when you buy groceries and get to work. You can save some money on rice and dried beans by buying in bulk from Asian supermarkets.

By slowly accumulating food each week you will develop an enormous supply on the cheap. Rotate out your stocks every month.

Between the fruits and vegetables from your garden and your stockpile you can sustain himself for a long period of time.

water storage in jugs from store

#7 – Store Water

Save your coke bottles and milk jugs. Store a gallon of water for every person in your household for each day that you’re prepping for, at least a week is suggested.

If you want to go big purchased 55 gallon water barrels. 55 gallons of water would sustain a family of four for 2 weeks! You can buy them for around $60 new. Keep them sealed tight.

Check on your water regularly, add a teaspoon of bleach for every 7 gallons of water every few months. This will keep the mold and mildew down, as well as kill a lot of bacteria. Buy a good water filter too. Don’t skimp, get a good one.

#8 – Buy Bullets

Good Old Boys love their guns. For good reason too, you need a gun for hunting and for protecting your land from intruders (animal or otherwise).

If you don’t have a gun get one. I would suggest a .22 and a shotgun for starters. Also you can’t go wrong with an AR15 or two and a couple of 1911 pistols. My job here isn’t to advise you on guns so do your homework.

Then buy bullets, lots of them. Buy them until you’re tripping over bullets. Buy them like you can never get another because one day you won’t be able to.

You can’t eat bullets during an emergency but we’ve already covered food and you sure can trade bullets for more food during SHTF!

#9 – Buy a Survival Kit for Your Friends

I can hear you screaming now… “BUT OPSEC!!!” “BUT MONEY!!!” But but but!

Imagine yourself on your front porch, sipping on coffee, and all of a sudden a serious earthquake destroys the town. Or maybe it’s a tornado, or a hurricane, or something much worse.

Transportation to and from the area is limited, food is scarce, water is contaminated. You are stuck waiting for help for two weeks.

So are your neighbors. Unless you live in a city the rioters and looters are not going to pillage your supplies right away. But even good neighbors get desperate. Eventually they will come to your house if you have what they need.

Unless they are as prepared as you. If you make friends now and have plans together you stand a much higher chance of surviving any situation.

Make friends with your neighbors, make basic kits together, make serious plans for SHTF-day.

Instead of saying that you cannot help, that you must hide in a hole or run away or kill Bob next door that is desperate for food for his 4 year old daughter…. make plans with your closest neighbors now so you can all ride out the emergency together.

That’s how humans have made it for thousands of years and how they will continue to make it even after the worst of the worst disasters. It is human nature. Don’t think you can fight it with mall ninja inspired lone wolf fantasies.

#10 – Trade Knowledge

This is what I try to do every day of my life. If we do not share knowledge with each other, then others will be left behind.

By teaching yourself, your family and your friends how to take care of themselves when the comforts of daily life are stripped away due to the lack of electricity, gas, food or water, you are empowering them to succeed.

50-80% of the population will lay down and die when the big one hits.The rest will have read this website and many others like it.

Spread the knowledge RIGHT NOW while it’s as easy as hitting the share button, because one day you won’t be able to…

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  1. Wait for the national guard cause at the army national yes you plus they have Helicopters, Humvees and guns. Or better yet Katy Parry will dress as a marine singing this is a part of me.

  2. Saw a Puerto Rican woman’s post on a survival/ prepper site a few days after hurricane Maria destroyed northern PR. I contacted her, got an authentic SHTF info. From a nice tropical middle class life to a 3rd world existence in just a few terrifying hours.

    No power. No running clean water. She had to collect and boil rainwater. Her food stash had largely blown away. No one was working, as all businesses were mostly destroyed, so no $$ and banks that were on generators had hours long lines to get in. Fear of gangs. Then, soon, came the mosquitoes. The rat population skyrocketed, and their diseased crap got into the water contaminating wells and reservoirs. Old diseases became a major issue. Due to mold, her children developed asthma, and medicine was either scarce or not available.

    Her cop husband worked with no pay as their city struggled to recover. Hospitals and local clinics ran out of common items like IV bags and antibiotics. Tons of relief aid sat on docks, undelivered because drivers couldn’t get to truck depots for lack of gas in their own cars. The list goes on and on, as has blame. Intersperse all this with corrupt politicians and you get an evil brew of neglect and incompetence. Thugs stealing hospital generators. Cars stolen for their gasoline. BUT in with this you also see neighbor helping neighbor. Healthcare workers struggling to treat and prevent horrible outbreaks.

    P.R. People are tough and are recovering. But Shit Hit The Fan, and we should learn that it can and will happen.

  3. What did u mean by +1,000 if it has a stream in it? As in buy another 1,000 acres or yes, bonus for me type thing?

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