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DIY Bug Out Survival Binder For Emergencies & Disasters

Learn how to make your very own grab and go emergency survival binder using simple items you can get anywhere!

We cover a lot of information on bugging out, bugging in, and hunkering down.

We take pride in helping you learn what to put in your bug out bag.

We also help with what you need for your pets and children in your BOB.

But what you hardly ever hear about is what to do with your important papers when disaster strikes.

Can you imagine trying to replace all those important documents you have especially at a time where you are dealing with some other more important stresses like the loss of your home?

How many endless calls you would have to make? How many hours it’d take and how many questions you have to answer?

That is why it is important to have a safe place to store these in case of an emergency or SHTF scenario. You need them to be in a safe place but will also be easy to get to an grab if needed.

Sometimes things happen unexpectedly and you have just a little while to get your stuff together and evacuate. Sometimes it just a few moments! Like the people who have to evacuate for wildfires and gas leaks.

DIY Grab & Go Binder

To make a DYI Grab & Go Emergency Binder, you will need a large zippered binder (i like to use at least a 3 inch one with a handle) and some plastic page protectors.It will depend on how many documents you have as to how many you will need. I prefer using a zippered binder so things will all stay in one place. That way there is no worrying if your stuff will fall out. You may also want to divide everything into categories using dividers to have more organization.

In each page protector, you can add two documents, front and back to each other if you’d like  in order to use as few page protectors as possible. I also like to add a 3 ring zippered pencil case for small stuff such as social security & insurance cards.

Some documents you may want to include are:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Copies of drivers licenses
  • Social Security cards
  • Birth Certificates for everyone in your home
  • Credit Card Information
  • Passports
  • School Records
  • Vaccination Records
  • Bill of Sale For Vehicles
  • Credit card statements and other household bills
  • Insurance Policies on Home
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Insurance Policies On Vehicles
  • Health Insurance Policies
  • Checking & Savings Account Information
  • Copy of Address Book
  • Mortgage Information/Lease Agreement
  • Retirement Information
  • Tax information
  • List of serial numbers on all valuables
  • If anyone in your family has passed, you may want to add their death certificate
  • A few favorite pictures
  • You may even want to add a page of important stuff you’d normally would know off the top of your head like birthdays and pin numbers because when emergencies happen, it’s normal that sometimes you just can’t think straight.

Final Thoughts

Basically these are some examples, so if you decide to make one of these, you will need to decide what is important to you and modify it for your needs.

And please remember to keep this in a safe secure area but close enough to easily grab if you need it very quickly. If you don’t do this and it’s easy to find, you could get hit with identity theft since it contains all you personal and financial information.

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