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Gum Wrapper Fire Starter

Start a fire with a stick of gum and a flashlight battery using this simple hack.

Most of us (with the exception of the true bushcraft kings) take batteries with us on a trip in the woods, usually in our flashlights.

With this simple tactic shown below, you now have another legitimate use for those batteries, and it doesn’t involve powering anything electronic.

One of the most creative fire-starting techniques, the gum wrapper fire starter, only requires a AA battery and a foil-backed gum wrapper.

Within 30 seconds, you have an instant-on lighter that can be used two to three times. Check out the video below.

Note the width of the foil wrapper in the center. You may have to watch the video more than once and try it a couple of times yourself to get the width and placement of the gum wrapper just right, as the width of the wrapper does matter in how the current runs.

If you cut it too thin it will burn out too quickly, and too thick may not catch fire or cause it to combust anywhere alone it’s length (like right at your fingers).

After making your cuts, start by applying the wrapper (aluminum side down) to the negative end of the battery. Then apply the opposite end of the wrapper (again, aluminum side touching the battery) to the positive end.

Hold both ends firmly, and wait. You should have smoke within a matter of seconds, and fire soon after. As the video shows, be ready with some actual tinder to get the fire going.

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