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Homesteading For Self Sufficiency- 4 Common Mistakes When Starting Your Homestead

Learn how avoid these 4 common homesteading mistakes when starting your own homestead.

Starting a homestead in exciting. Being self reliant and self sufficient is a great thing in this day and age where we rely on the grid for everything.

Growing your own food, making your own power, and living off the land is something one cannot take lightly.

But there are a number of mistakes you can make while attaining your dream of homesteading.

I’m going to explain what these mistakes are and how you can avoid them. Keep in mind that some of them may not be a problem but some may.

Common Homesteading Mistakes

Homesteading Mistake #1 No plan. You have to have a plan when you decide to homestead. You need to decide what you want; how many animals & which animals? How many acres of gardens? Solar power or wind power? How much land do I need? You need to ask yourself these questions and set up a basic plan of what you want your short term starter homestead but a long term homestead plan as well. You need to decide these to prevent the next common mistake.

Homesteading Mistake #2 No budget– If you don’t have a plan in order, this step will be impossible. Once you decide on what you want, you need to get a general budget set. Search for prices on animals and solar power grids and everything else you will need. You don’t want to go in debt either while trying to fulfill your dreams of being self sufficient.

Homesteading Mistake #3 – Trying to do too much too soon– When you rush to get something done, it’s not always done in the best way. For example, if you rush to plant a vegetable garden but didn’t get the soil nourished enough, it may still give you a few vegetables but it won’t be as much as one with a good nutritious soil would. So start slow and give yourself time to do it correctly instead of being mediocre.

Also, start small. See what time and money will go into a bigger garden and slowly add to it as you see fit. Do this for everything from gardens to animals to power. You don’t want to rush into anything too large and get overwhelmed.

Homesteading Mistake #4 – Overestimating your skills– This is a big-y. Most people go into homesteading not realizing how hard and time consuming (But worth it!) it is. Raising animals consists of mucking stalls, feeding, watering, taking care of the animals, milking the cow, etc. Its’s hard work! Gardening consists of a lot of things too, including weeding the thing. Its physically demanding but also at times mentally demanding.

You need to know a basic knowledge of the skills needed to homestead as well. Do you know how to mend fences to keep the cows in? Do you know how to prevent insects from ruining your garden? You need to know this (and more!) when you start your homestead. See our post on 22 skills you need to learn to be self sufficient.

Also, I would recommend the book Country Wisdom & Know How for any body who is interested in learning the skills they need. I own this book personally and use it a lot. It definitely covers a broad list of things, so it’ll have a lot of valuable information it.

Final Thoughts

Homesteading is a great thing. It’s nice to live and not have to worry about when the SHTF. It’s nice be self reliant and self sustaining. It’s the way our ancestors did it. Try to avoid these common mistakes and make this your reality.

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Robert Rickman

Robert Rickman

I have been practicing survival and prepping skills since the 70's through backpacking across the USA and outdoor living in the wild, and also at my off-grid homestead with my family of four.

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Homesteading For Self Sufficiency- 4 Common Mistakes When Starting Your Homestead

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