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How to Save Money While Buying your Survival, Prepping, and Homestead Gear

Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually save some money/get paid to buy all your survival and prepper gear?

One way I have learned is to buy through Ebates. Every time you buy something through Ebates you earn a percentage back of what you spend. For example, if you buy through you earn up to 3% cash back, or better still if you use to buy your food preps you will get 8% cash back!

Seriously, it’s like getting an easy 8-10% off of every order. It’s not like you might get it off, or you have to order certain things. You’re guaranteed to get it off of every single order.

How It Works

Here’s how it works…. after you sign up to be a member of Ebates (which by the way is totally FREE) all you do is pick your favorite store through the Ebates website and start shopping. When you pick the store it automatically generates a ticket number and adds it to your order so you get your credit. They add your savings in your Ebates account within 2-3 days and every 3 months they will send you out a check or either deposit your money into Paypal if you prefer.

The minimum payout is only $5.01 and of course if you haven’t saved that much (why the heck not?!) it will be carried over to the next payout date. You can VERY easily save that much with just one or two orders.That’s one, maybe two orders from your favorite stores over a three month timespan. I think we all do that.

Ebates has great customer service too. I have dealt with them personally and have never had any trouble getting my issues resolved.

Waste Not, Want Not

Ebates is great if you do pretty much any online shopping, and who doesn’t these days. It’ll save you money on things you are going to buy anyways so why not get on the Ebates money train and start saving a wad of cash?

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