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How To Make DIY Paracord Fishing Lures

Simple DIY paracord fishing lure that mimics many proven lures. Works great for fly and fresh water fishing, and can catch anything from panfish to trout!

If you find a lake or a river there’s almost always some type of fish in it.

If you have a rod and reel or maybe just a simple survival fishing kit, and a little bit of paracord, you can make you own DIY paracord fishing lure in minutes.

Why Paracord?

Well, aside from all the great benefits we’ve talked about in previous posts, if you wear a paracord bracelet or have replaced your boot laces with paracord, or just have some in your bug out bag like most preppers, then you pretty much always have some extra paracord laying around.

Plus paracord is kinda like the preppers duct tape, with just as many uses. Today we’re going to teach it (and you!) a new trick. We’re always trying to find a new paracord creation, and I think this video below may be one of the coolest paracord tricks yet.

This is one paracord project that can be used any time, whether you’re just weekend fishing or in a serious survival situation. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes, and the DIY instructional video below walks you through every step and then most importantly proves it works!

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What You Can Catch

This simple lure is great for fly fishing for trout and salmon, but also for fresh water fishing. Depending on your luck and location, it can easily catch bass but most especially panfish, who make even better bait for larger fish like catfish and bass.

That’s not to say this lure won’t catch a bass for the frying pan either, it can! This easy to make, yet highly effective homemade lure will catch a wide variety of fish with it’s 2-tone color pattern and simple design.

It is a simple DIY project that mimics several proven (and expensive) lures that have been used for years such as the jig, streamer, fly, etc.

What You Need

  • 2″ – 3″ of paracord, bright colors work best
  • 1 fish hook (size 6-8 preferable)
  • scissors or a knife
  • lighter, matches, or a campfire

Check out the video below from Intense Angler and learn how to make a DIY paracord fishing lure on the fly (heh) AND most importantly watch him prove it works!

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