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The Forgotten Threats Lurking Around Your Food Storage & Shelter

Do you know what diseases could be lurking around your food storage & shelter if the SHTF? What you need to know to keep these dangers at bay.

Throughout history, two awful groups have brought disease and famine upon humankind over and over again, killing more people than all known wars combined.

These two groups, like some sort of evil horsemen from Revelations, spread almost every major disease known to man to this day, and they also destroy our food stores, which cause widespread famines that have killed millions and destroyed total economies through history.

Indeed, these two enemies of ours have shaped history as we know it and have caused us much pain in the process.

But at the same time they are easily forgotten when they are under control.

So what are these two groups? The Elites? Globalists? The Illuminati? Hardly, they are far worse…..

These two groups of creatures are rodents and insects. Before you scoff, remember that the Black Death alone killed over 50 million people, and even more untold millions have died from rodent-caused famines and blood-born diseases spread by biting insects.

Know Thy Enemy

Mosquitoes, fleas, flies, roaches, mice, and rats – the great eternal enemies of mankind, are now under our control. We won.

The industrial revolution destroyed their death grip on humanity long ago in all modern first world societies thanks to advances in science, technology and cleanliness standards.

However it is only temporary. They are, and forever will be, the enemy in the shadows, always ready to deal a death blow to some unlucky fellow or maybe an entire country.

All it takes is the right conditions, large or small. Like a grid collapse event causing mice to go unchecked and run rampant in cities and neighborhoods, or a virus mutating (again), or even a single invisible mosquito biting your ankle while you’re sipping beers on the patio.

Unless you live in a third world country, you have little to worry about from these creatures right now. The worst is some news about the zika virus here and there that gets us to put on some extra spray before we go in the back yard.

But if the SHTF, you must be adequately prepared for them or they can very easily wipe out you, your family, your neighbors, or your entire neighborhood.

When you remove the industrial revolution from the world, like what will happen if the grid collapses, our eternal enemies will be there waiting for you in the shadows, ready to pillage your food and destroy your health.

They will multiply quickly without our seemingly invisible modern preventive measures in their way. Rodents, roaches, and fleas will quickly infest every nook and cranny within the year.

Mosquitoes and flies will have quadrupled in population in the first month. Within a year they will be impossible to deal with, landing on and biting every inch of skin they can find.

You also need to consider your neighbors. If they don’t know any better they could easily attract rodents, roaches, and flies. Even more so if your neighbors are slobs or the kind that would pile their garbage up. You need to account for the habits of those around you.

Winning The Battle

Okay, enough about what they do; the real question is how do you stop them. That, thankfully, is simple as long as you have the preps ready.

1. Keep Your Environment Clean And Kept

Basic cleanliness goes a long way. Don’t leave a mess, or make one. Clean up spilled food. Take a bath. Etc.

But what if you have no running water, or you’re living out of a car, or in a lean-to tarp shelter in what was formerly a Wal-mart parking lot? What about your current home, or what may be left of it? Keeping rodents out of your food will be a real challenge.

Food in plastic bags and cardboard boxes are easy targets for rodents and roaches. So is unkempt plastic food buckets too, and rats can chew through sheet metal and a dirty bucket of food sure looks like paradise to them. Your best best is to buy hard plastic containers for your food storage. Additionally, food cans & bags need to be buried, or washed and recycled into other objects after using them.

Flies (and gnats for that matter) land on dead rotting things and then right on you and your food. Keeping animals (or people) buried and food covered is important, so be vigilant.

Keep windows and doors closed, if you still have them. Dying from Ebola because you were hot and left the front door open and then got bitten by dozens of mosquitoes that night is a stupid way to die. Keep them shut and shore up any cracks.

Mosquito netting is cheap and effective at keeping insects out of areas. Sleeping outside of an enclosed building without netting could be quite a challenge after SHTF. Mosquito tents are available as well which would be ideal if you are sleeping outside.

And destroy all standing water sources. Anything that can hold water after a rain can grow mosquitoes by the hundreds in as little as two weeks.

2. Use Traps, Repellents, And Sprays

Simple snap traps work amazingly well and will protect your food stores post-SHTF. The problem is a reset trap is slow compared to the hoard of rats and mice that could be swarming your neighborhood.

That’s why we recommend using a bucket trap. We have a great post on making a DIY bucket mouse trap, and our article was featured by Bob Vila himself so you know it works.

You can also try using moth balls and urinal cakes to repel rodents, but this is not a guarantee. Keeping a good cat is also an option, but then you need to keep the cat dewormed and defleaed often, and there is still a worry about the cat picking up a disease and passing it along.

Larger rat traps are another consideration altogether. These traps are more offensive than defensive. They can catch anything from squirrels, to birds, to snakes. They go right in my supplies next to the snare wire and I use them to hunt all kinds of game.

For insects, stock up on at least a dozen large cans of bug repellent. Invest in good sprays (such as citrus or deet sprays) as well as Permethrin sprays that you spray on clothes and let dry. This latter kind will typically last for weeks or months, even after washing.

For fleas, don’t forget to protect any animals you may have. Keeping a couple of cats around to kill mice won’t do you much good if the cat is full of disease ridden fleas. Liquid “one drop” treatments are the best to stock up on because they last longer and work better.

3. Honorable Mentions

Fly swatter, fly traps, and sticky traps are also worth having for obvious reasons. Don’t neglect them.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to forget the dangers our forefathers faced, but when the grid falls we’re going back to those times. Rodents and insects are just a nuisance now, but without the checks and balances of society keeping their numbers down they will very quickly kill millions again through disease and ruined food stores.

The best, and easiest, way to deal with all these problems is to prepare now. Stock up on traps and sprays now, and invest in tough bug netting and screens.

Bug spray will not last forever, so stock up on it like your life actually depends on it. Use netting whenever possible and seal up cracks that insects can get through.

Keep your traps tended and reset, dispose of anything that can attract rodents or roaches, and be mindful of where you butcher meat.

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  1. I’m in the pest control business…and a prepper. As I read this article, it was as if the author took the words right out of my mouth. This is one of the best and rarely addressed issue on prepping I have seen. Thanks for your insight.

    Yes one should prep food, water, etc…but also stock up on pest and insect control products. Learn to make natural insect repellents from items you usually have at home.

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