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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Preppers, Non Preppers Who Need To Prep, and Children

Christmas will soon be here but don’t fret about gifts! We have got you covered with out ultimate Christmas gift guide for the holidays!

Christmas is just right around the corner and I know a lot of you are like me and are already trying to think of the perfect gift for a particular person or different people in your lives.

Christmas morning will be here before you know it, so we are going to help you.

We thought we’d offer some ideas for people who don’t prep (but should!) and hard core preppers (who have everything!)

First of all, we will focus on non preppers. In my opinion this is a great time to give someone something that could save their lives.

For instance, one year for Mothers Day, my wife and I gave her mother a weather radio. Numerous times has that thing went off in the middle of the night (and scared the crap out of them!) but they would have been asleep and slept through a tornado that went through their neighborhood within a half mile of them if it had not been for that weather radio.

They have always been grateful that they had that weather radio and started looking at other things they didn’t have but may need one day in cause of an emergency.

So it’s a good way to get non-preppers to think about emergencies and disasters.

Gifts For Non Preppers

Here are some suggestions for Non preppers:

Gifts For The Prepper Who Has Everything

The prepper who has everything usually doesn’t need any of the above items unless it would be an upgrade, but still might need a few.

Here are some extra suggestions for them:

Additional Food
Additional Water
Gold and/or Silver
Herbal medicines
Mylar bags
2 way radios
Emergency blankets
Pocket chainsaw
Rechargeable headlamp
Solar charger
Camp stove
Flint and Striker
Fire Starters
Books on Homesteading and/or Survival
Tactical Axe or Tomahawk
A good reliable solar phone charger
A good multi tool
A well made tent
A sturdy, heavy duty backpack
Outerwear for him or her
A chainsaw
A safe
A food dehydrator
Manual kitchen utensils such as manual can opener
Cast iron cookware
Gloves & hats

Gifts For Older Kids

For the older kids, you can get these:

  • A portable, battery powered radio
  • A small flashlight (stocking stuffer)
  • A backpack
  • BB Gun or a Slingshot
  • Targets to practice on
  • A small tent
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Fishing Pole
  • Tackle Box
  • Work Boots
  • Outerwear

Also, you could make a DIY paracord bracelet for kids and adults. My then 12 year old son and I made these for some family members one year as a gift from my son.  They are easy to make and a great DIY survival project for kids to make.

Final Thoughts

All these are just some ideas. Think about the person and try to imagine what they would like that has to do with homesteading or survival. Like for instance, if your mother loves to cook and has shown interest in canning but has never done it, consider getting her a canner and a book on canning for beginners or lessons at a community center.
If your 6 year old son likes to go hiking with you, consider getting him is own backpack if he doesn’t have one for all his gear.

We hope this guide gives you some good ideas for the holidays. Have a good one!

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