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Top 15 Smart Prepper Gear My Wife Keeps In Her Purse

Even though most of us think our wives purses are black holes, they may be most prepared at all times than men are! Here’s why….

My wife has a ginormous purse!

We men know that a lot of women carry everything and the kitchen sink in their purses, but I think my wife takes the cake (maybe literally).

If my wife says something is in that gigantic purse of hers, I ask her to get it because it’s literally a black hole to me.

I tell her “why don’t you empty that thing out, you’re carrying around half the house!”

But what she said the other day made me think, “Honey, at least I’m always prepared.”

So I got to thinking……

Things My Wife Carries Around That Could Save The World

Risking life and limb, and possibly a comfortable bed that night, in a covert operation I dumped everything in my wife’s purse on the kitchen table and started taking notes…

This is what I found that could be useful for survival:

1. Paper, Paper Everywhere! – Wow this is a lot of paper. Coupons, old receipts, avon magazines, scraps of old grocery lists… Guys, if you ever need some fire starter just ask your wives. Seriously.

And she has Kleenex in there as well that could be used for packing cuts and stop bleeding.

2. Chapstick – This is basically wax in a tube, it’s very useful for starting fires. If you rub it in black ashes and smudge it under your eyes it’ll even help with snow blindness. And an empty tube can store small items and rolled up cash.

3. Elastic Hair Band – A large elastic hair band makes a good emergency tourniquet. If you cut them into then you will have a stretchy rope to secure items in needed.

4. Compact Make-up Mirror – A mirror can be used to signalling. Use it to look around corners and in hard to see areas such as snake dens.

5. Lighter – My wife doesn’t even smoke but she still carries a lighter just in case she needs it. Sure enough she’s got a way to start a fire in that crazy purse of hers.

6. Tampons – Yeah, you guys might laugh a little at this one, but we need tampons too. They are great for absorbing blood (duh!) so they are great for any kind of bloody injury. They are also good as fire starters since the cotton inside will easily ignite. Also, you can filter water through them.

7. Maxi Pads – These suckers absorb blood even better than tampons so they are great for wound dressings, but they are also great as insoles for your shoes (Overnight size if you have big feet!). You can also cut some off and make an eye patch it needed, just expect a few laughs.

8. Hand Sanitizer – Hand sanitizer… does my germ-a-phob wife love this stuff. Beyond the obvious use of cleaning your hands, it can be used to wash yourself and get rid of the funk if needed.

9. Bobby Pins – These things are great for lockpicking.

10. Cash – Every well stocked bug out bag should have some cash in it.

11. Junk Food – My wife ALWAYS has some kind of food in her purse. It never fails. She’ll have cereals in a ziplock bag for the kids, granola bars or some kind of fruit chews. Or she’ll have hard candies, chocolate, or at least some gum. If an emergency happens, there will be food for a hike (maybe only junk food but still food). And she always has a bottle of water in there as well.

12. Pocket knife – An obvious one. A knife has a million survival uses so I won’t bore you with listing them all here. If you want to read more about using a survival knife, check out this post.

13. Flashlight – My wife carries a small “tactical” flashlight, one of those that zooms, strobes, and has the sharp teeth on the end.

14. Pepper Spray – She actually keeps this on her keychain, which is almost always in her purse instead of on the rustic looking keychain holder plaque thing that she made and insists everyone use. Useful in case you need to get out of a situation, whether in a dark parking lot or the nuked out remains of New York City.

15. Pistol – Never leave home without one, pre or post SHTF.

Final Thoughts

Women have elevated Every Day Carry to an art form, it’s almost otherworldly. Their purses are like some sort of magical bag, where they can stick their hand in and pull out anything they desire. And, thankfully, because of that, our wives have the basics of survival covered.

I’m proud of my wife and all she does. She is the glue that binds our family together, and I’m willing to bet she has some glue in that dang purse of hers too!

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  1. That hand sanitizer is also a great excellerant, and can sanitize the knife, for minor ‘surgeries’, like stinger or splinter removal. There are several other things that can be done with the contents of that purse, as well – just use your imagination.

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