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Super Easy Survival Bread

Like all things survival you need to LIVE IT day to day, not just stick it in a closet and hope you never have to use it! If you’re storing wheat and all hell breaks loose….what do you do? Bake bread of course! But do you know how?

If you are new to baking your own bread it can seem like a daunting task but it really isn’t.  You don’t need yeast, sugar, baking soda, or really anything but flour and water. Everything else is optional. Here’s a basic recipe to get you started.

Super Easy Survival Bread (SESB)

Homemade bread


1 cup of fine whole wheat flour (buy from store or grind your own)
2 tbsp. of olive oil (optional, also regular vegetable oil works too)
1 tsp. salt (optional, add more or less to taste)
1/2 cup of water

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and scoop it togther into a ball. Lightly dust a cookie sheet, rock, or other flat surface with flour. Pour the dough ball out and knead for 5 mins. Roll out to about 1/8″ thin and bake at 350F for 20 mins.

Powers out? No oven? Put it in a dutch oven instead and cook it over a fire. No dutch oven? Throw it on a heated flat rock – or even in the ashes if you don’t mind some grit and charcoal flavoring – and flip it a couple of times till lightly brown and firm.

This will serve about 3-4 people if eaten as a side with a meal, or make about 2 sandwiches. The below nutritional info is for the entire loaf.

Nutritional info without olive oil



Nutritional info with olive oil



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Sergeant Survival

Sergeant Survival

I spread the news of disaster preparedness and homesteading skills to the masses. My mission is to show the keyboard commandos out there some real life skills.


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  1. For those in the Southwest we have a great resource for making flour from the mesquite tree that grows here wild. The flour is made from roasted or dried pods and is sweet and smoky.

  2. Thanks for posting this recipe–I have linked to it on my blog! It looks like it fits its name and is super easy, and I appreciate the inclusion of alternative cooking methods.

  3. i really want to try this with no yeast or baking powder, and no rising time? incredible!

  4. I saw a video and tried it where the guy carried ziplock baggies of premeasured mixs, ie bannock, and others. Add the water and oil and mix the stuff in the bag and knead it, if the right mix of water and flour it doesnt stick in the bag or hardly any. can even use the bag to A. roll /pat it out on or b. put on top and pat/roll it out.

  5. Can you use white flour instead of whole wheat flour????

    1. Sergeant Survival

      Yep, use 1 cup of white flour instead of 1 cup of the whole wheat. Just remember that white flour is missing most of the fiber.

  6. Wonder if this recipe can be done using a GF blend? May try soon and will report my results.

    1. Sergeant Survival

      It can, use 1 cup of good gluten-free flour (I like King Arthur Flour myself) instead of the whole wheat flour. Works like a charm.

  7. Load up on chives, garlic, leeks, onions, scallions and shallots.

  8. Kinda looks like naan bread with or without yeast

  9. Do you have a gluten-free version?

    1. Sergeant Survival

      Actually yes, just replace the flour with gluten-free flour. King Arthur Flour makes a good gluten-free alternative to whole wheat flour.

  10. I’ll let you know in 20 minutes. I’m using the all purpose white flour. We’ll see how it turns out.

  11. You didn’t make this an easy recipe to print. I had to copy eight pages to get it. You need to add a print recipe only button.

    1. Sergeant Survival

      Thank you for the feedback! I had the whole website optimized for printing to fix this. Now printing any page on will only print the article itself.

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