best birds for homestead

Best Birds To Have On Your Self Sufficient Homestead When The SHTF

Any self sufficient homestead can benefit from chickens, geese, and other fowl… especially when the SHTF. Have eggs, meat and …

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lessons from great depression homestead
homesteading while renting

Homesteading While Renting: 15 Tips For Self Sufficiency While Being Renters

You can homestead while you are renters with these 15 ways to start homesteading before you own! Most people think …

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financially independent homestead self sufficient money profitable
canning preserving harvest homestead offgrid

Self Sufficient Off Grid Homestead Ideas And Skills Basics – Canning

Canning is a forgotten art of preserving food for your homestead. Let us help you learn how and get started! …

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what you can do right no to get off grid solar

Gear Reviews

morakniv companion heavy duty knife review

Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Knife Review

Is the Mora Companion Heavy Duty really a good AND cheap knife? Can such a thing even exist? Today we …

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legacy foods mega sample pack
rolling fox tarp shelter review

Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter Review

Our in-depth Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter review puts it to the test. We share our findings and compare the competition. Find …

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the tsunami app

Near The Coast? Get This Tsunami App That Uses NOAA’s Global Buoy Network

If you’re visiting or live near the coast you need to get this new app that uses a global network of …

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ecoloblue atsmospheric water generator out of thin air
tactical belt

Check Out The Deals On This Tactical Belt And Leg Holster

Finding great deals on survival gear is our favorite hobby. If you want a value priced tactical belt and holster that will …

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