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Hello! (What we do at BeSurvival)

We’re the place that eats, sleeps, and breaths survival. We’re all about survival, prepping, homesteading, off grid living, and just generally being more independent and self-sufficient.

We’re not here to turn you into a smug know-it-all keyboard commando either! Quite the opposite, we don’t want you to just learn about survival, we want you to KNOW everything about it and to make it a part of your daily life. We want YOU to eat, sleep, and breath survival just like us! WE WANT YOU TO BE SURVIVAL! (you guessed it, that’s where our name comes from)

What to expect

You will learn how to prepare for natural disasters, war, plague, wilderness and urban survival, and all about suburban and urban homesteading, off-grid living, total self-sufficiency…. and thousands of other topics.

We’ll go through equipment and supplies with a real life mindset, no crazy scenarios or stupid advice here! We share survival gear reviews as well as show you how to use said gear too. In fact we’re committed to publishing unbiased and transparent articles, gear reviews, and how-to guides that come from our own personal experience and the unbiased advice of others.

We share all of experience and wisdom with you no-holds-barred through our guides, videos, reviews, and articles. Our number one goal is to make everyone more prepared for whatever the world throws at them.

We’re also big DIY-er’s so you’ll also learn about do-it-yourself survival, prepping, and homesteading.

Our reviews and gear recommendations

We recommend and review a lot of gear. To make it easier for you to buy some great gear quickly and get on with the rest of your prepping/homesteading adventure we are constantly reviewing all types of gear for you.

The choices we make here with our team usually take weeks or months of research and testing and rely on years of personal hands-on experience, including interviews and data from the best editorial and user sources around, and the help of experts in the field.

Gear we choose isn’t loaded down with junk features or completely overpriced because of a brand name (but we do believe some brands do make high quality gear). In fact most of the gear we pick is generally where your needs and the right price meet. This is, to us, the best product possible.

In the end, all our work boils down to what we call The Golden Rule: These are the same gadgets we use ourself and we would recommend them to close friends and family.

Why do you recommend what you do? How do you test?

Most of the time we only pick gear that we use or already have experience using in the past. We also review gear at our readers requests.

First, we build a list of the best gear for the intended purpose by considering our own personal experiences, studying materials put forth by companies, reading what real users have to say on forums and review sites, and also what professionals at top sites that specialize in that item think (for example, a top rated hiking website for hiking backpacks). We study all the best articles, magazines, and papers we can find on the topic. We basically read everything we can find about it from experienced professionals and also average users to get an all around picture of exactly what real users think.

We avoid inexperienced “experts”, paid reviews, advertisements, and questionable sites as sources. We reference everything we can find from a reviewers work and from around the web, and then we decide who to even consider listening to.

Then, we pick the top gear from our list and whenever possible we always field test it ourselves. Sometimes we are given items to do the review, and sometimes we buy it outright. Then we do whatever it takes to push the gear beyond its breaking point and see what it can really take, often involving several testers in a team.

If the gear makes it past this point and still passes our critical clipboard scrutiny and passes our Golden Rule (see above), it is considered for inclusion in one of our articles.

Whatever we find, we lay it all out in our articles, good and bad. And at the top of that list we’ll recommend the number one item that we would buy ourselves, as well as some alternatives for different types of users.

This process takes dozens and sometimes hundreds of hours for each article, and years of personal real world experience that’s hard to forget. By the way, this is way more than what most other places spend on their recommendations. Most sites simply copypaste a recommendation or arbitrarily choose a product based on simple reviews or how much money they can make off it.

We do what we do because it’s important for us to be as accurate as possible in our recommendations, and we enjoy gaining the experience ourselves. Just like we only recommend products that we would tell our friends and family to use, we want you to trust us enough to tell your friends and family about us.

Why only the “best?” What if I don’t want to spend a lot of money on the top of the line?

When we say best, we don’t mean the most expensive. In most cases our gear picks are not the most expensive, in fact sometimes they are downright cheap (like our $3.98 compact flashlight pick). Funny how that happens when you makes honest unbiased reviews instead of chasing a buck.

Based on the review process we talked about above, we generally like to find the sweet spot of cost as balanced out by the features we really need and pick a model that can handle every day use. We look for quality and value, not fluff and bottom of the barrel products.

What if I want something different?

Everyone’s gear is personal. What you buy for your Bug Out Bag or Homestead must be based on YOUR needs above all else. We just try to give you the best options and save you from sorting through junk on eBay or being ripped off by paid reviews.

We like to recommend alternatives for different types of people who might need a different size or style or have a different kind of life that needs something not necessarily better but better for them. We want to make your job easier than sorting through and comparing hundreds of pieces of gear from scratch, like we do.

Why should I listen to you?

We have been living this life and writing about it for a long, long time. The gear we use is a big part of our lives. You shouldn’t trust just anyone for your gear advice, so we’re happy you don’t blindly trust us.

We developed BeSurvival because we want to help as many people as we can be more prepared for the future. We don’t know exactly what the future will hold, but we believe things are not going to be as good as they are now. It’s our deep passion and mission to help you, our reader, in these coming times by giving you our best advice and recommendations now. This includes how-to advice as well as gear reviews for the prepper and homesteader.

We also think most review sites, blogs in our niche, and the news cycle are not very good at helping you find the truth or the best gear.

Sadly it seems that some of the biggest survival/prepper/homesteading site are arranged in a way to give you the least amount of information while invoking quick ad clicks or pushing a shady “free” product (with $4.95 shipping, of course) in exchange for an email address that they nuke to death with the worst kind of fear mongering spam advertisements in hopes that you’ll whip out your credit card.

Since our site is a list of things that are awesome, not things that are new, we don’t have to update as frequently as a news site because most stuff in the world is not great enough to talk about. Also, the gadgets really worth buying don’t come along that often.

We don’t write just to write. We are also of the mind that the world needs fewer think pieces and more actionable advice. BeSurvival is a site to help you out without making you feel like you are drowning in noise.

What’s with those ads and Amazon links?

We support ourselves and our work with those ads and links. If you want to help support us, buy things from Amazon using those links. Here’s more info on how you can support us so that we can continue to bring the best to our readers (you).

Doesn’t getting affiliate fees create a conflict of interest and bias?

We think it can create a bias, and we think that a lot of sites fall into this trap. But we have designed our entire process to avoid this, the links are just an afterthought. We talk about a lot of gear that has no affiliate program or is not sold on sites like Amazon where affiliate pay could be earned. And we also think it’s less of a conflict of interest than traditional advertising.

Affiliate pay, in our opinion, actually creates a better and more honest situation than running a site based on page views or selling ad space, because we do not get paid for stories that are hyped up, unnecessarily controversial, or broken into multiple pages. Nor do we get paid for selling out to the highest bidder.

In fact affiliates pay pushes writers to choose better products and give better advice because they do not get paid for promoting bad products by shady companies. Not only would no one buy them but there would be more returns (a very bad thing for affiliates, we lose money and all the time spent recommending the product).

The most important things to the health of this site are its reputation and its relationship with you, its readers. Our job is to give real advice and recommend great gear as part of that and we’re going to make our best efforts to give you advice that you can actually use and recommend the things that we truly believe are worth the money.

If we ever recommend some gear because we are biased or lazy and the pick sucks, it would not get sales and any it did get could be returned and we will make zero dollars. We also invite you to fact check any of our pieces, which outline the time, logic, and energy spent researching, interviewing experts, and testing gear. Often, this is more than dozens—sometimes even hundreds—of hours.

All the evidence on why our picks are the right ones are laid out plainly here for you to believe or not believe. Making money is a lot less important to us than our ultimate priority of making sure we’re recommending good gear and doing the right thing for all our readers, who are ultimately the ones we are here to help.

What if the kind of thing I want isn’t on your site?

Send us a tweet to @BeSurvival and let us know if you need some help figuring out a particular buying problem or want us to review some gear.

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